You cannot trust the media.  They work for the enemy… and I don’t mean Hillary. I mean wealth… A wealth so huge it is poisoning the planet.  A wealth so huge it is buying up democracies including the world’s largest.  A wealth so huge, it is sucks giant resources from billions of our planet’s human beings….

So when the Media says they endorse Hillary Clinton, they are telling you that they think Bernie Sanders is dangerous to them and their way of life.

He is.  He wants to use corporate power and resources to attack the world’s huge problems… Like returning democracy back to the people… like rapidly reacting to global climate change, … like allowing each person some dignity in making their life a little better than expectations…

And for big money so used to having profits go into their pockets, that is a scary proposition but not one for the rest of us to worry … When America was last on a “war footing”  we taxed large incomes at almost at 100%… We were fighting two wars.  So in the future, fighting the war against unscrupulous wealth, and correcting all the damage caused over the past 25 years, will require the same… and if you remember, all those companies back then were quite prosperous in their endeavor… Millions of people were employed.  Life on the home front was good during WWII…

There is nothing wrong with wealth.  But there is something wrong with unscrupulous wealth, and that is where the battle has to go.

Liberals planning to vote for Hillary don’t seem to grasp what is really at stake in this election. They imagine that the worst thing in the world would be to have Donald Trump in the White House. But they’re not exercising their imaginations enough. This election is about far, far more than stopping the Republicans, as important as that is. It’s about interrupting the system of global wealth accumulation before it destroys all life on earth.

As far as political sniping goes there are many things to find wrong with Hillary Clinton… But the most repugnant, is her endorsement of the status quo when it comes to the wealthy.

Hillary supporters like to claim Bernie’s ideas are unrealistic… They argue for her maintaining the status quo and skills of quietly fine tuning laws underneath the radar.  But it is Hillary supporters who are unrealistic…. 

How can someone who accepts billionaires’ money, tax them sufficiently and put them in jail if necessary? In a world where  the richest 62 individuals now own as much wealth as the poorest 3,500,000,000 human beings (half of the whole species), to believe that such a system can be “reformed,” or that Hillary will give us the “incremental change” we need to disrupt this monumental theft of the world’s resources, is dangerous self-delusion.


The  2016 election is no longer about Democrats versus Republicans… the implosion of the Republican party as withdrawn that argument completely off the table. This is an election on the merits of uncontrolled capitalism and our future will be decided strictly in the Democratic party’s primaries by the end of April.

For the first time in modern memory, Americans are being given the rare opportunity to affirm, or to reject, the trajectory of their economic and political system….

America has always been a boat riding down a giant river though uncharted territory…. Lately we can’t escape the din of constant noise bidding impending rough water, louder than any other rapids heard to date. We currently have a someone making a proposal to pull over to the side, scout out the problem, portage over land if necessary, versus continuing on straight down the Niagara River….  Granted, there will be challenges on the land of which we will have to account and solve. But a future of uncertainty is better to embrace, than a doomed one.


By this summer’s conventions, we may be witnessing the end of the greatest run of achievements ever accomplished by mankind.  Unless we tame our own Frankenstein of massive wealth, the one we grewcultivated, it will destroy both us and our planet in the process.

There is only one option in these next primaries.  There really is, just one option.