Fortunately it was an early Easter this year… Spring Break is done and now we roll straight through Memorial Day into June and summer….

Wait you say:  “Isn’t that 8 weeks to Memorial day and two more in June?”

“Didn’t you just make an error?”

My reply is this… Look at the title, I said 4 more weeks to teach… not 4 more weeks of school… After May begins, testing becomes the sole focus of every teacher, every school in the state.  What your children will know,… stops growing as of April 29th…  Testing runs all May… and it is intense.  There is no teaching between May the Fourth (be with you) and Memorial Day….

So out of roughly a 180 day school year, we are culling off the final 6 weeks to undergo testing.  WE defacto have a 150 day school year… This calls “bull” on all those against Hocker’s Bill to limit the school year to Labor Day and Memorial Day.

I think he should add an amendment to his bill that gets rid of all Smarter Balanced testing, then we have good possibility of support and passage.  Because when truth is told, a child has a better chance of learning while NOT in school over a longer summer break, than they do sitting in a room either taking the test, or waiting for his classmates to finish.

This is pure tragedy… With the Smarter Balanced, WE are teaching our children 30 days less this and last year, than before when we had the DCAS which had a much more positive impact than the current one now taken.

Everyone in General Assembly still supporting the taking of the Smarter Balanced Assessment, needs to be forcefully thrown into some cold tar and rolled around in chicken feathers;  then made to drink tea…… it is the only patriotic thing left for Americans to do….

Citizens Catch Up To Dave Sokola

Image courtesy of the Smithsonian.