If you are looking for blatant racism anywhere in this country, you need look no further than our Charter School organization….

Pictures speak 1000s of words.

Charter Prejudice

Although the Charter Schools are spinning the data shows they are close to Public Schools in their suspension rates, look at the categories…..

We’ve all heard that more Blacks are suspended than whites.  But did you know that more blacks are suspended in Charter Schools than are in public?… Ok, so is that is possibly due to zero tolerance?

But fewer whites are suspended in Charters than are suspended in public schools… And even FEWER Hispanics  are suspended in Charters than in our public school system….

How can that be?  Double standards?

Prejudice is alive and well in our charter schools.  Which is why, pro-charter by any Afro-American legislator, is becoming a political no-no, a contradiction in terms… You cannot be supportive of your race and vote pro-charter which ADDS to the amount of prejudice in this world and HURTS the public schools which is the most effective tool today we have to combat that…

ANY SUPPORT for charter schools by any Afro American, hits the youth of their race twice in the head with a baseball bat.