It’s been a week and WDEL has died. Allan Loudell still gives the best news one can find, but lunch is a busy time.  Whereas before, the oscillator was always positioned on 1150 AM or 101.7 FM because of Al Mascitti who was on 9-12 M-F, and the news came on right after, now even though I know Allan comes on at 12, even though I know how good it is, I still forget because I’m already deep into another station… When they hit their commercial break at 12:30, suddenly I remember: oh crap, I missed Allan’s news.

Rick’s show is still Rick and I do listen whenever I get the opportunity, but that usually is random and now rare, simply because as soon as the car turns on, another station begins playing…

The blog of Allan’s has dried up.  No one has commented on it since the change over to facebook login only.  No one.  I wonder how long Allan will dance in the dark, putting up his links and commentary which take a lot of work and time of his, when there is no corroboration that anyone is paying attention.  Before it is too late, scroll down past the timeline of change, and see how voluminous the comments often were. I’ve gotten many comments of how less fun life in Delaware is since these changes were made.

Today I listened to Susan for a short spell. Someone from Pike Creek who used to always yell at Al and Al would often yell back and hang up on him, told Susan she was a lot better than her predecessor.  Said the previous person in her position was crass, disrespectful, and a disgusting human being.  Then he went on to lambaste Liberals as putrid imbeciles, full of hate, disgusting slugs who had ruined the entire world and would not sit still to be lectured about it..

It occurred to me. Al wasn’t a horrible human being.. This person calling in was. A real jerk. A jackass. An insolent piece of pipe one could buy at Ace Hardware for 5 cents a foot.  The reason he didn’t like Al was because he couldn’t put his “thing” down on Al’s show.  He had nothing to say, but call names.. This made me think since a lot of chatter was speculating that Al was mean and rude, the real problem was those callers who really shouldn’t have been calling in public.  I don’t know how many people supposedly complained, but… did we do a psychological examination on all those who did, before taking their side and removing the prime money-maker WDEL had?

But between the hateful spew this commentator gave, Susan, was playing along right with it.  Thanking him for listening to her show, and telling him to call in again.   Out loud I said… “Damn, what a double standard…. ”

And it became quite clear, personality clashes probably had little to do with it.  If you allow one side to be rude and obnoxious, but don’t allow the other, you are playing sides.

There is no progressive side now.  Rick’s show is more progressive than Susan’s if you can believe it.  Morning radio  at WDEL is like listening to the old days at WGMD when Don Ayotte and Frank Knox would call in and spat.  🙂  And there were calls in from Phoenix (obviously a regular caller) and West Virginia, weighing in on Donald Trump?  Can we say…. conservative plants?

One can sense all negative feedback over the change will be brushed off by Delmarva Broadcasting.  It’s a marketing plan to go after the Southern listeners… However, there are other stations down there with conservative views that conservatives listen to. Al Mascitti was the only option for progressives in this state to catch.  The math doesn’t add up. You lose everyone in New Castle County to fight in the margins of Kent and Sussex. New Castle County is Delaware’s most populous with 56% of the state’s population.