The media will show you nonstop the violence at Trump’s latest rallies.  They have an ulterior motive for doing so..  They want to incite more violence to occur so they can keep citizens’ attention focused on their channels…

As soon as I heard Chicago was successful at shutting down a rally, I KNEW, it would ripple through America and be the start of a giant wave of protesting…

For 99% of America does indeed have something to protest… They are suffering more than anyone in their family line since their great-grandparents lived. America has gone downhill, slid across the ice on the pond, and fallen into the icy river on its far side…  Only young George Bailey can save us now.

It is just like when 99% of young people had something to protest in the 60’s,.. being drafted to fight a proxy war that we would ultimately abandon and walk away… For those not living then, two camps divided.  One fought against the power of status quo, knowing they were on the right side of morality, knowing that accepting what is wrong because you were simply told to, was unconscionable.  The other camp, also knew the war was wrong, but warped the test of the draft as a loyalty benchmark, a high attainment that must be surmounted to prove you were indeed loyal to the United States of America… To them, if drafted and you didn’t go fight in a petty, ill-conceived, poorly strategized  war, and if you weren’t willing to die just solely to prove your loyalty to America your country, then you weren’t good enough to be a United States Citizen…

The irony of course being that large numbers of draft dodgers used legal means to escape the war, including one who went on to become Vice President of the United States of America, then send 4,425 Americans to die, and 32,223  to return to America wounded just in order to get his oil company deep inside the Western desert of Iraq, to steal their high grade oil for free.

Youth didn’t protest that as we did Vietnam, mostly because 2003 was a volunteer army. We weren’t disrupting careers, killing sons and daughters, by random lotteries.

But economically,… under the auspices of multiple Republican Congresses which have been almost criminally delinquent on improving the quality of life of young people. a lottery did materialize.  If you were extremely lucky, you could partake of the American dream… Like Powerball, everybody has to play to create a pool for the winner.  But only one winner takes all.

If the 99% were every to realize that should they not play Powerball twice every week, they would be guaranteed to save $6 a week ($312/year)… (which would make most of them $312 richer at that year’s end)…. the scheme would fall short. The winner would only have his own ticket as the prize for his winning because nobody would play.

Therefore it is important to distract the 99% with lots of noise that causes their brain to think of what you program for them, instead of what is in their best interests.  You say things like “you can never win these billions, if you don’t play“. “We have lucky winners all over the place who were just like you except they bought a ticket.

The idea is to distract you from thinking of your abysmal chances of winning, and from totaling up the cost your addictive behavior is costing you…. Of course if you win, then it is worth it… but YOU will never win… It doesn’t take much thinking to reach that conclusion and by distracting you, thinking about such things never crosses your mind.

That is Donald’s role right now.

Do you remember exactly when Donald entered the race?  It was the week after Bernie dominated the news feeds about filling stadiums everywhere he spoke.  For only one week, Bernie’s message got out… What he was saying was in the paper every day. Then Donald stepped in saying Mexico will pay for his wall, instantly and ever since, becoming the elephant in the room… Nothing else about Bernie has gone mainstream.  Hillary is safe.

But let us assume it wasn’t Hillary who was the beneficiary.  Let us assume that someone didn’t want us to know how affordable Single Payer healthcare really is to run. Let us assume someone didn’t want us to know how rapidly the fortunes of the Middle Class rise as soon as taxes go up on the top 0.1 of the top 1%.  Perhaps someone didn’t want young people to know how easily they could go to college and not wallow forever in catastrophic debt.  Let’s assume someone didn’t want the shadowy area of Wall Street put under the Fed’s microscope.  Or perhaps someone didn’t want you to know how they purposefully caused the financial crises for  their profit in 2008 and took a lion’s share of your 401 K’s out of your pockets, jeopardizing your retirement. Perhaps someone didn’t want you know how easily it is to fix Social Security permanently so it lasts till perpetuity. Perhaps someone didn’t want you to know how easy it is to make healthcare a right, and not a profit making machine… Perhaps someone didn’t want you to know that charter Schools are get-rich shams, and that the Smarter Balanced is a fake assessment  designed solely to break teacher’s unions and open up more for profit charters.

If these even closely sound like some far out extremist ideas to you, then the policy of entering Trump into 2016’s race was very sound. For those attending these unreported rallies of Bernie were rapidly learning just how easily all these could be accomplished if we just elected people who would work for us, and not Wall Street… And suddenly, after Trump, there was silence on all Bernie was saying….

And so if you look across the past months, you can see a trend of where when each uproar dies out from a previous outrageous action, a new one gets inserted to flame things up again… Their effect is never wasted as would occur if they weren’t being orchestrated. If Trump truly was shooting from the hip, then we’d have multiple flair ups going all the time, each canceling out and eating into the analysis time of the other.. But that isn’t the case… The effect appears planned just as if it were on a sit-com… One line said… wait for the laugh track. then the rebuttal… wait for the laugh track. Timed perfectly for the desired effect.

The serious problem in 2016 for those with money and power, is Bernie.  With either Kasich, Cruz, Rubio, Trump, or Hillary, had you a problem with Common Core or the Smarter Balanced Assessment, you could not approach them for a fair hearing… They all owe big money subsidizing Common Core… Only Bernie could effectively act independently and steer government back towards appeasing the will of the people, over the current status quo which is crafted to appease the will of a fortunate few.

Only Bernie. Wall Street does need to fear him. for if he ever becomes President and gets a super majority in both houses…. Wall Street gets handcuffed with all the regulations of the New Deal and contained in a cage of its own making.

Which is why he is the only candidate who is good for you… Most watchers are shocked he is still going at it as strong as he is.. I certainly wouldn’t have written a scenario where a hunched old man could with a miracle wind behind him, become the 2016 Democratic candidate and possibly the next president of the United States?   Appearance=wise, he is the least likely person to ever be president in the modern age.  But here he is riding solely on the strength of  ideas… Ideas that were cannons of government until Reagan, until we tore down the temples in which they were kept.

So the violence?  It will grow.  Just as one successful sit in of a Dean’s office in Berkley spread to almost every campus by the end of the second year… For if you speculate it would be great to do something huge and outrageous, and someone else does it first, you then know it’s possible so there is nothing holding you back…

I’m looking forward to the first mass killing inside a Trump event,  with NRA smuggled-in weapons…  Anyone want to take bets on the death toll?  I’m staking out the number 13…..