The Jews in Germany who didn’t opt out of their German citizenry and escape to the US, regretted it..  Did you ever wonder why they chose not to go along?

Look at yourself if you haven’t opted out yet.  You are just like them. What was the difference between those who escaped and those who stayed in the early days? They all read the same paper. All saw the same happenings. All experienced the darkening of their homeland skies.  Some opted out of Germany. But most stayed…

Those who opted out became wealthy in the American land of opportunity. Those who stayed had all their wealth taken, ….then, their lives.

As today we see with Donald Trump, everyone knew how bad Hitler was… Have we ever had any other presidential contender running his campaign as a WWF pre-press conference?

So you see, we know.  We know. Just like they did back in Germany 1935.

So just as we know that the Smarter Balanced Assessment is pointless, bizarre, damaging to children and has zero redeeming social value what-so-ever.  today,…. cooperating with the Smarter Balanced Assessment by NOT opting out, is the equivalent of being Jewish and cooperating with the Gestapo thinking that you are somehow helping all Jews by getting rid of the Jewish troublemakers and then the Nazi’s will leave you alone….

Till YOU get told to take a shower….

You can see it with Trump.  You see how irrational, defiant, and single minded his supporters have become…

So it is with those in power forcing the Smarter Balanced Assessment on your child.  They are irrational. Defiant. And single minded when it comes to forcing children to take this test by destroying the option to opt out.

Here is what the test does:

It makes children who can’t jump a 3 foot bar, now be forced to jump a 5 foot one. Why?

It makes children who have no arms to bench press 100 pounds, now bench press 300 pounds…

It makes children whose legs were amputated after an accident, now forced to climb Mt. Everest.

And yet most Jews as they saw certain people pulled out of their houses and taken off in trucks.. did nothing…

Most parents as they see more and more of the damage this test is doing to their children, do nothing….

There is a eerie similarity…. The question in both these cases is:  Why?  Why when something that is so easy to do, so readily put in our grasp, so necessary to save our future as we now see it, ignored?

Opting out is your weapon against having what you love about your children sucked out, against having their shells sent of to a concentration camp.  One giant protest early on in Hitler’s career that was so big it looked like a revolution, (think Arab Spring) could have changed history forever…

It didn’t happen. Why?

Same reason why haven’t you opted your child out?

Ask any holocaust survivor if they now wished they’d opted out of Germany before things got really bad?

Then opt your child out… because it only gets worse after this year… At some future point (like Hitler one day being toppled) it is inevitable that all children’s scores on the Smarter Balanced will be dismissed as being unreliable.  There will be a big blank across the record of all children in this state as those scores get erased.. This test is that bad and calmer heads always prevail.

So why would you give your child up as a sacrificial lamb, as a experimental vessel for a mad scientist to perform a wacky scheme?  Would you just as easily allow your children to be sexually exploited by an authoritarian adult?  Why then are you letting them be psychologically exploited by these same people? How did you let yourself be lulled into letting thieves enter with your permission through the front door of your house, when everywhere warnings were broadcast on your televisions, phones and radios, telling you to beware of them?

The answer is simply this.. You are the Jews in Hitler’s Germany. You are the parents taking your alter boys to be alone with the priest at church.. You are the selected chosen designated to put your son or daughter on the alter to have their life ended and blood drained, so a shaman can continue justifying his role of power over his people…


All those are you.  You could, as easily as flipping a coin, change your child’s future to the better… Like Germans appalled at where their homeland was going, you choose to stay silent and try not to rock the boat so they don’t throw you out as the next troublemaker  OR… you can scream at the top of your lungs to stop everyone from getting in the boat in the first place, convincing everyone to just go home…

Your choice…  as it should be… IT  IS  YOUR   CHILD…  And one other thing. Would Hitler have signed legislation overwhelmingly approved by the Reichstag to allow Jews to opt out of going into Concentration Camps….


Now perhaps, you are beginning to see the parallel….

Line Up To Take Smarter Balanced Assessment In 2016