After Super Tuesday over at Delaware Liberal when Hillary had a lead in delegates, the pro-Hillary contingent was calling the primary race as being over.  True she did win the South. One of the comments made in the thread below was that Bernie had made his bed by making economic concerns the center piece of his campaign, leaving the social justice issues for Hillary to handle…. which she exploited among those who were black.

At that time we listened then decided that blacks did not care about economic issues. They just didn’t want Trump to put them back in the back of the bus and separate lunch counters.

But even Dr. Martin Luther King said, that the Civil Rights Act was not enough. The Voting Rights Act was not enough. there needed to be economic parity before you could truly call the Negro free.

Evidence is in Martin Luther King himself.  He didn’t stop after the Civil Rights Act was signed and get a job as a “race” consultant on a major network.. He didn’t stop organizing after the Voting Rights Act was passed… In fact he was organizing a Poor People’s March just before he was killed, not just of blacks, but for all races even including whites.

The “I Have A Dream” Speech correctly identifies the check given to the Afro-American people, as being returned stamped “insufficient funds”.

“If you can’t make a decent living; you aren’t truly free”.  Bernie solidly believes this.

That is why he wants free college in America available to all who can use it. That is why he wants health care to be a right, not a privilege for all people, rich and poor. That is why he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, to pay for great work programs we need which hire those loitering on our big city streets.

Would you like to be making $10,000 a year more in four years?  Bernie is the only one with a plan that will allow every American to earn $10,000 more when the next presidential election rolls around., than they earn right now.

Hillary is owned by Wall Street. She just posted she accepted $30 million dollars of their money. How is she going to make them do what is right for America?  Shame them?  Has that worked these past 8 years?  No, you can’t shame billionaires. They can afford to ignore you and live behind high walls never noticing you exist.

Bernie will raise taxes on these top collectors of what should be middle class money. That money can then go to hire more government workers, which helps dries up the the labor market, so openings become harder to fill and therefore get priced higher to entice workers to apply.

Across the history of the United States, every time we raised taxes we expanded the economy; every time we cut taxes, we shrank it…

The only way to get jobs is to take on Wall Street by the horns.  Only two candidates will do that.. Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump.

Now perhaps you may be so insulated in your ‘hoods’ that you don’t care if nothing gets done.  Hillary is your woman. You’ll have your showpiece; but nothing will get done.

But if you ever do want something done, the time is now.  A candidate like Bernie Sanders will not emerge for another 20 years… This is it for your lifetimes.  This is the only time we have a candidate who understands Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision because he was there. This is the only time we have someone who knows the power games Wall Street plays and can stop them.  This is the only time we have a movement of real human beings intent on taking control of government back from the rich and powerful and forcing government to start taking care of us… not a government issuing more tax breaks for billionaires, but one voting for programs helping working men and women…

Yes, you thought you had that with Obama.. and you would have, but Republicans had enough seats in the Senate to stop all legislation from passing… Nothing to help a single black voter ever made it through Congress.

The ONLY way you will get people to see YOUR side… is if you vote them in. And you know the other side will try their best to block you from voting… So vote early and vote often.

And make sure not one of you votes for any Republican. And each of us should check on our neighbors to make sure, not one of us, sits out this vote… The Future is never predictable..   But for once, we got a realistic chance to overwhelm Republicans across all 50 states and put in a new President and new Congress that will pick up where Martin Luther King had to abruptly leave off….

This is the real thing.  Hillary, love her for her past loyalties, but she is a distraction from achieving the real economic change that will make every American at least $10,000 richer by 2020….  We won’t get this chance again….

Must Act now.