You can too…

Go here, find your child’s grade, choose ELA or math, and plan on spending the next 4 and half hours in hell….

Then if you haven’t already… opt your child out…  You only understand the opt-out movement once you take the test…

Why would anyone do that to a kid???

They are evil.  You will see it.


One cannot be an informed Christian, informed Muslim, informed Jew, and not opt-out ones child… Your religions do not allow you to do this to children. Being one of the three Abrahamic religions and letting your child take this test does not compute.  It’s a 401 Error . It is a non-sequitur.


If you hold your religion dear yet still allow your child to take the test, it has to be because YOU are ignorant; YOU never took the test… What kind of parent does that to their child?


On the other hand, if you are a Satanist… I can see you allowing your child to take this test.  That’s what you guys are all about….