Sorry I’m late but I just read the exit data from Michigan.  Basically it was enthusiasm which polls don’t track that staged the upset.

More people went out to vote for Sanders than expected.  Fewer people were willing to come out to vote for Hillary than expected…. That decided the difference.

A big showing in Wayne County and its city of Detroit often spells victories for many candidates. The turnout was 25% in Detroit and 31% in Wayne County, while the statewide total was closer to 40%.


“Ho hum, nah we don’t have to vote for Hillary. She’s gonna win by a landslide”……


“C’mon, no way you’re sitting out this primary! You’re voting.  For the first time in OUR LIVES we have a real candidate who is on OUR SIDE, I’m not letting you not vote! We gotta send a message!”

Blacks in Detroit did not vote as heavy as they did for Obama because they have nothing to believe in… White Democrats across the state set record attendance levels to make their voices heard… Blacks need to start looking at Bernie for their own sake, not just let some leader who owes or is friends with Hillary, make their decision for them.

It’s called enthusiasm…. Something most Baby Boomers have not felt in a president since JFK …..