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c/o Your Child’s School

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Dear School Official:

Please do not give my  (child’s name, child’s number) a Smarter Balanced Assessment this year.  His parents have decided to opt him/her out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

This opt out ONLY applies to the Smarter Balanced Assessments for ELA and Math (plus DCAS Science in 5/8/10th Grade and  Social Studies if in 4/7th Grade).

It does not apply to other national tests the school may choose to administer.

Thank you.


Parent’s Name.


And that is all you need…. Then slip it into a plain blank envelope and tell your child to give it to his homeroom or class teacher, depending on your child’s age…

And you are done…. 

(If…. the child is forced to still take the test, please be forthcoming and many of those cases could be the underlying basis for a lawsuit this summer if enough parents do not have their requests honored. )

But hurry now. Time’s winged chariot is almost here…