I’m sure there is a lot of hand-wringing by progressives after today. Like the air going out of a team when the opposing one puts 7 points on the board..

But that happens every game.  Now it is their turn to take the ball.

But there is a lot which can be learned from March 1st.

The exit polls of the predominantly Southern states show that Democrats really didn’t want to rock the boat.  They wanted to continue Obama’s policies for the most part and not try anything brand new.  They were looking more towards experience in a candidate, than honesty, integrity, or empathy.  They tended to view race relations as having a higher priority over economic problems. And to their credit, with all the Trumpism being flouted daily across our media-world (both commercial and social), worrying about ones future rights does have authentication now, as would doing the same have in 1935 Germany….

And they voted like they felt.

And there is really nothing Bernie can do about that… For if he starts trying to appease the black vote that is solidly behind Hillary by competing for it, he loses his focus on his strength and loses his base.

But candidates should not try to mold themselves into what pollsters tell them they ought to be… America is better served with candidates who speak their mind, tell the truth, and are honest about themselves to a fault. When so, the American people can pick and choose which candidate will run the nation they way they want it run, for the next four years..

Unfortunately that is not what happens.  When faced with a dilemma, advisors craft polices to justify their high consulting fees and urge the candidate to go after a target… But in the real world, there is no way to measure the residual losses that target acquisition costs the candidate… As Americans we get treated to a grand spectacle which doesn’t move our nation forward at all.

Americans are smart and can make up their own mind…

The reason Bernie has his large support is because only he is addressing the big problem facing America.  Which is the accumulation of power (both political and economic) in the hands of a few, and the exclusion of the majority of Americans from having any influence on policy whatsoever. .

Very early on, when Bernie first ran and everyone thought he was far too liberal for the political arena and had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning anything, Bernie said his primary reason for tunning was to educate America… Due to the four-network blackout of all progressive discussion, by running Bernie knew they could no longer ignore progressives good ideas and would have to broadcast them.

That is what Bernie needs to do.

Instead of sending out  “I love Bernie” signs, a better idea would be to send information on how our nation has been corrupted (ironically during this Democratic president’s term) by a Republican Congress.

For nothing is going to get better in America until their is a super majority of Democrats in Congress which can override all filibuster attempts and put all legislation out on the floor for up or down votes.

Expressly… Instead of trying to get Bernie to conform to what these group of citizens want, he needs to try to get them to conform to what America really needs.

It is about education.. It is about training the electorate.  Bernie gets far more nods in his favor with every chart he sends out showing what’s REALLY wrong with this country, than he does shaking people’s hands or meeting with bigwigs behind closed doors.

Bernie’s strength is the New Dealism he is offering the American People.  It makes America stronger in the future.  If he can change the discussion to that topic, then voters will follow.

Voters vote according to their needs.  We readily see that. If Bernie wants to succeed, Super Tuesday makes it quite clear, his national path to victory comes from making people who don’t follow economic and politics very closely, come around to have the same needs he is promoting, which Hillary cannot provide.

And that is taking on Big Money.

He needs to make people first see that Big Money IS the number one problem for America’s decline and then secondly, that only Bernie (who is not bought out by Big Money), can do something about it…..

But that second point is lost… if people don’t understand the first…

To paraphrase Hillary’s husband…”It’s the Big Money, stupid..”.