There is a reason blacks support Hillary over Bernie. There is a reason Bernie is almost even with Hillary among whites…

It makes perfect sense if you know blacks and whites.

For whites, who have never been a minority or who never had to bite their tongue in conversations with a majority different from them, know that a return back to policies of the New Deal is needed. Higher taxes on the one percent, stronger union protection laws, better voting rights enforcement and tougher regulations on very large businesses, each help tip the balance back toward those not of the 1%, who frankly, are not doing so well these days.

But for Blacks, the New Deal really didn’t do much for them. They were still segregated and ignored under Roosevelt, who didn’t want to upset his Southern backers or create a division of the country during WWII. For Blacks, nothing strategic happened until Martin Luther King began stirring trouble while the Civil Rights Act got passed.

So economic talk of returning to the policies that made America great in the 20th Century, mean little to them. They are more concerned with finding someone who WON’T throw them under the bus whenever they as a group, get in the way.

The only way to get Blacks to go against their loyalty to both Clintons is to somehow persuade them that Wall Street is their larger enemy, not white racists.

The only way to get Blacks to support Bernie is to convince them that Wall Street’s freedom to do what they want with impunity, is why the Black people are suffering so much today…

White people are suffering too. But Whites can’t blame white people for their problem, so they blame Wall Street, whether its in the form of their local banks, they boss, their bosses boss. But they know that unless change comes this election year, America’s middle class will die off when they could have just as easily been splurging, had the better candidate won.

But black people for very good reason, will first blame whites, and that is why having Hillary who has been supportive and outspoken in defense of their leaders remains their preferred candidate. They feel she can be trusted.

Of course Donald Trump is taking the opposite approach to capturing white people.. He is blaming Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans for our problems… “It is THEIR fault you are suffering” he dictates…

His is a diversion. For really America’s demise comes from the sad fact that as a nation we are collectively pursuing higher profits without considering the cost that chase is levying upon us.

When we stop chasing profits, and taxing sort of rains on that parade, then investing in ones physical capital and ones personnel become how we will measure worth.

Under Republican Congresses and past White Houses, we came to consider profit as our measuring stick to judge our national worth. It was a random choice. We could have chosen standard of living, superior health of our citizens, our comprehensive retirement packages, or a clean environmentally as our token of measurement of our skills. Had we done so, then profits would not have mattered any more in the future, than today with some companies, paying their employees properly. Who cares?

But we chose this… WE, the People. listened to arguments and chose for our country, to pursue profit as our primary measure of our own success as a nation. So when we discovered more profitable to farm jobs overseas, we felt sorry for those losing jobs, but if that was getting more profit then that by our measuring stick, was better for America.

Now that looks like a mistake.

And so it is time to change our priority. And if you are Black you may still decide to support those who were loyal in your past… We all do this and there is nothing to be ashamed if that is how you feel.

But here is something additional to think over. If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got. So if your friend was helping you so much in the past… why are you in such bad shape now?

Ask yourself that.

And the answer you might find, is that they were also friends of those who put profits over your welfare, and by serving two masters, whenever they had to chose one, it wasn’t you…

So again, why ARE you in such bad shape now, if she has always been there for you? Maybe it is time to look at something else…

Just sayin’.