“Get a job” gets screamed at them perhaps 20 times a day.  Unfortunately they have to beg to eat and that takes up all the time they would otherwise go out an look for a job.

But isn’t there a safety net?

No, thanks to the Republican Congress which passed draconian stringencies on SNAP recipients cutting their food benefits by almost 100%.

The mandate sounds innocuous at first.. Cutting food benefits by 30% of the wages a person earns.  Seems fair to most people. Better to cut the benefits from those who work instead of those who can’t.  Even I’d agree with that principle.

But as we have seen with all corporate proposals, (Common Core being just one of them), when they get implemented, they give a much different and harmful result..

How much does it take to feed a family of four?  Can it be done on $100 a week?  $150 a week?  $200 a week?  How much do YOU spend per week on food?

The current legislated allotment is $649 an month. In February that would be $23 dollars a day for four people. Because of the fewest days, that is the richest month for food benefit recipients.  (In July, $20.93).

But due to the Federal restrictions placed on SNAP, 30% of your net income must be deducted from your maximum benefit.

So let us assume you work a minimum wage job for a full month… 40  X  $8.25 grosses you $330 each week and in February, a month of four weeks, it would gross you at $1320…. So your maximum benefit for which you qualify, $649 would now be deducted by 30% of your gross benefit;  take away $396 for a total of $253 per month….
Feed a family of four on $253 a month… What is that?  $9 dollars a day in February, the most beneficial of months?   Nine dollars will buy you a loaf of cheap bread, $1.00.  And one can get a pack of oil processed sliced American cheese for $2.00. A gallon of water, a necessity these days of polluted tap water, and one has $5 dollars to buy something that might last longer than a day, such as a cheap jar of peanut butter, $2.49.

If one lives where there are only small corner stores that sell junk at twice the supermarket’s price, one spends that $9 dollars on one meal; which is mostly sugar.

What if this family has a teenager who is lucky enough to also get employed?  Great, he or she can help out with raising the family. Something every teenager wants to do.

20 hours at $8.25. translates to $660 a month…

Add the two incomes then take 30% of the deduction from their gross benefit.

$660 +  $1320 =  $1980 times 30%, equals $594 deducted from your maximum benefit of $649 giving you a SNAP benefit of $55 to survive the entire month…

So as a parent grossing $1320 who is working,  after taxes are deducted  your net is $1122.

Your DART bus fare per month is now $80 for a 5 day work week.  You have to get to work so that is non negotiable. Your family now lives on $1042.

Cheapest housing…. $500.

Cheapest utilities…..$100

What’s left to live on?  $442….. for a whole month.  And thanks to Republican generosity you get $55 in SNAP benefits to eat healthy those 28 days…..
I confess. I didn’t know it was this bad…

But those people standing on a corner, not working?  They get their maximum benefit $649 under the Republican Congressional’s override of of the SNAP issuance. So don’t be surprised when you yell out your window,… “‘hey lazy ass, go get a job”… if they respond, … “what are you, effin’ crazy?  I gotta eat. Why in hell’s name would I do that?”