Many are simply lost in this decade.  If you are over 40, you really don’t have a clue.  You may be actually even wondering which Republican will turn out to be the nominee.  If so, you are insulated for the most part from the Republican Congressional Economy.

Not so if you are in your 30’s.  Some of you under 40 may be lucky to be surviving, but most likely if you finished college during the Recession, you are now beginning to feel you are permanently handicapped as you continue your next 30 years of life.

You look upward and see a ceiling that was implemented right above your head, and through which you can look up, but never achieve the fruits dangling above you.

These policies holding you back, were instituted during a period of economic retraction that allowed employers and businesses to minimize the cost of labor, and in that political environment where everyone felt luck to just have a job, they hardened into concrete.

For example.  If you started working at one of Delaware’s fine grocery chains in 2012, you began under a new contract.  It was negotiated by your union in an effort to save jobs of those people still working.  The deal made was if the business allows those to continue to work at the rates grandfathered as of 2012, then the unions will let them hire and manage their wage as close to minimum wage as is possible.

Which sets up this scenario:  two employees hired a month apart in 2012, today one is making  almost $13.00 an hour and the other $8.25.  Yet both are doing what in the past would be considered managerial functions earning $40,000 a year. Both employees control all aspects of their departments. Including ordering, accepting delivery, and inventory control. Yet are hourly. and there is a big discrepancy between pay levels.

The chain as since had 3 owners.  Bought out once, then bought out again.  The savings in employee wages do not go to the store, but to “investment groups” whose office is in Southern California.

This is not unique to this one chain. This is corporate America revamping the wage scale across the entire nation. This economic reality is what Hillary does not understand. This economic reality is what Republicans endorse. This economic reality is even sanctioned by unions because it protects them at high salaries until they retire.

But it screws a whole generation… There will be a hard rain that is going to fall.  Don’t be surprised.