Yes the kids.

But everyone is talking about them… Not that it is greater or less than that true tragedy, I want to talk about what is NOT being talked about….

How Delaware MET’s failure impacts students in Christina School District.

210 students attend the school, as far as the money goes.  If those 210 had remained in the district, the district would be $4342 richer for each student… $911,905…..

Bottom line is because Delaware has this misguided Charter School program, Christina District shelled out $911,905 dollars this year so 210 children could get an inferior education….

That is just wrong.

Charters don’t only hurt those students getting an inferior education, but they hurt those who stay in public schools which have to cut back due to $911,905 dollars less.

Just the average across the whole district, those 16,255 all as a conglomerate, LOSE   $56 dollars because of Delaware MET……

This one school, an absolute failure, yet someone (check the landlord) did get rich off the deal. cost every single child of Christina $56 dollars…

Your Christina tax money…. $56 that SHOULD HAVE GONE TO YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL….  is gone… waste, waste, waste…

Check.. Based simply on the average loss per student, here is how just this one failed charter affected your child’s school…….

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Based on averages, and solely because of the DOE’s insistence and state board’s approval of MET,  each of these schools now has this much less to spend on educating its children entrusted to it by our system of laws, feeder patterns, checks, and balances.

During this holiday season it seems so appropriate to borrow some words from “It’s A Wonderful Life..”

“Strange, isn’t it? Each individual (charter school) touches so many other lives.”

Charters… the worst thing happening to American education. But we can fix that easily.  Fund them with line items in the state budget and disallow them to take money away from all other students in all other schools…