I am saddened to see that Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Steven Godowsky, our newly confirmed superintendent, has slid so rapidly into the cess pool of corporate malpractice…  I hope I am premature in my assessment.  There was once great opportunity to dismantle the planks of corporate reform that do not work.

Nice guys are nice until you fight them.  Leading to the saying that  “nicety is a pretext based on prior agreements.”

But it appears that we are about to return to having schools be punished if they do not hit 95% levels of students taking the test.

I am harkened by the reaction of the football players at the University of Missouri…  When faced with an injustice, they said no:  we won’t play until our head resigns…

They said so with solidarity.  And if he did not resign, they would not play and the school would be fined $10 million I believe…  Since that was 20 years worth of the president’s yearly compensation, the powers-that-be insisted that he step down, and he did.

This is similar to what opt out must now do….

Solidly opt out large numbers of students from taking the test.  Stay steadfast and true as the threats of penalties get thrown our way… If the penalties are real, the powers-that-be will quickly realize that continuing support for a $119 million dollar agenda now deemed worthless, is far more expensive than losing $400 million each and every year across the next 20….

The Delaware General Assembly said almost unanimously that Opt Out was a parental right and neither the state nor schools had any business making impositions upon parents choosing what was best for their child.   Tests should be there to help children.  Not children there to justify the test.

These are our football players.  And our Governor who represents Missouri’s University president has not done what was asked: fix the problem…..   The General Assembly as did the football players, needs to assert their power for they are the official maker of laws and policy; the governor simply executes their implementation… Do they now choose to forever give up their right to represent the people?  Stay tuned.

We The People are the powers that be… We are the ones who decide who keeps or loses their job.  We are also the ones who suffer or must pay more if funds are not forthcoming…

We need to stand firm under threats and continue to insist that all parents now opt  their child out of this test… This test has no bearing on determining if or whether a child is career or college ready.

A teacher who deals with your child daily, is far more capable of making that assessment.

If you haven’t; send in your opt out the day after Veteran’s Day….