The NAEP is the nation’s educational report card. It shows if we are well or sick… Despite all negative press to the contrary, our educational system has performed better and better each time this test has been given from 1885 until now.  for the first time, scores have remained flat or fallen.

All excuses (except one) for the low scores ring hollow… That one excuse that resonates is that it happened because of the curriculum change and particularly because of our way of measuring it…

We chose to measure it with the Smarter Balanced Assessments….

We now have to change things.

In a world of accountability the DOE, Governor, and members of legislature who voted for these changes would get held accountable; perhaps lose office.

But in today’s corporate influenced world, that won’t happen.. Therefore opting out has become the most effective way to protect one’s children. We can’t effect policy change IN our government, therefore we have to exercise it, outside our government.

We can do that by opting out our children as a vote of no-confidence in our current educational policy…

We know this test and curriculum are bad… We know the only way to get rid of it is to opt out, and convince all otheres we know to do the same…

Opt out to protect our children…..