“Just wait for the NEAP scores! Just wait for the NAEP scores” we were told.  “We know what we are doing; Just watch them climb; We’re on the right track; don’t upset the applecart” they warned us.,….

We didn’t let it stop us.  We told you the scores would be low because we ourselves were taking the tests and doing the homework assignments as the switch began occurring two years ago….

Math scores for fourth-graders and eighth-graders across the United States finally dropped this year, the first time since the federal government began administering the exams in 1990. Reading scores weren’t much better; eighth-grade scores dropped while fourth-grade performance was stagnant compared with 2013, the last time the test was administered.

FACT:  The greatest Delaware gain ever on the Educational Report Card came about from the policies put in place my the Minner administration.  Since Markell put in his new policies, gains were flat, and are now dropping like rocks to the bottom of the pond.

Stripping those away and going with a corporate curriculum has denied most of Delawares children the better education they were on track to receive…..

….and with todays NAEP’s scores release, the data is now there to prove it….it’s no longer speculation.  It is fact. Common Core is dumbing down children at a faster pace than every before recorded across the history of this test…..

So the irony exist that not only are they calling out your children for being stupid by taking a ridiculous test that not even adults can agree on which answer is right or wrong……  your child actually is not learning because of his involvement in this great experiment:  letting corporations run education and getting rid of teachers…….

This was totally expected.  We would have been very surprised to see any gains…

Here is the NAEP’s ranking of states…. 

NAEP 2015

Light blue is bad.  Delaware is in the company of West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi… Not as in two years ago… sharing the spotlight with PA, NJ, MA, and CT.  (You can notice the aforementioned upper Midwest bias by this map as well)

There is a problem. The states that shed Common Core did well. The states that embraced it did poorly…. That is all you need to know.

Get rid of Common Core and let teachers teach… or we will have our own companies going oversees to get their smarter job applicants…

NAEP Delaware 8th Math

Bottom Feeders NAEP 2015NA#P Delaware Historical

Here is a link to Delaware’s snapshot of the NAEP….. and as you got to it, we will leave you with this quote…..

“I want to be known as the ‘education governor'”………. Jack Markell — State of the State speech