We now know the reason for all the mass exoduses of “educational professionals”,. That includes Mark Murphy; Lillian Lower, Arne Duncun….

We have major backpedaling going on currently by the Thomas B Fordham Institute… Michael Petrilli is now blaming, guess what?  Poverty.

Common Core has failed… For the first time since we began testing…. our children have gotten dumber, not smarter….

This is a crime… People need to go to jail for this

In Delaware Dave Sokola, Earl Jacques, and Pete Schwartzkoph need to be the first arrested……  Can we get our Attorney General to issue the warrants?

At the very least, we should recognize its failure and over ride the Governor’s veto on HB 50…   There is now zero argument for letting that veto stay in place…. Zero… Get it done, now!  We know this particular testing is bad. We know it is harmful. Not allowing parents immunity to make the best choice for their children is just shy of unconstitutionality.