A quick read through the feed tells one quickly that our fore-fathers died in vain.  Corporatization of our government is now complete.

  • We see that all questions asked of the new Secretary of Education must be screened days before being asked…
  • We see that Delaware is devising a system to punish parents who use their constitutional right to opt out.
  • We see that legislative-sanctioned working groups are all but ignored when they develop ideas of their own instead of rubber-stamping corporate handouts.
  • We see that the only way charters can survive is with a very expensive state funded life-support system… Yet they continue to keep being implemented and failing, and implemented, and failing, and implemented and failing, and implemented and failing, and implemented and failing, and implemented and failing. So then even more resources get allocated.
  • We see now that Charter School applications are asking for the Smarter Balanced Assessment score (it was only taken once) to determine if a child may be admitted. We see that opting out, a constitutional prerogative, is being used as a threat and penalized.,
  • We see that the Joint Sunset Committee is now looking at trying to rein in a runaway Department of Education that has gone rogue. implementing its own policy to protect its own, without proper legislative approval.
  • We see that the Delaware Department of Education blows off repeated legislative attempts at seeking information.

Together all this means that the people are not in charge anymore…. Period.   We, the People no longer have a say in our own small state government…  We’ve been corporatised exactly as were the British Colonies… from which you may remember, we revolted.

And this has all happened since 2012.

Corporatization is bad, and it is winning.