In perusing some supplementary data for the article below I stumbled over the makeup of charters in the most comprehensive Charter Study undertaken in America. It’s done by CREDO, an educational data cruncher headquartered out of Stanford University.

But the data itself was amazing as well. It shows the racial makeup of charter schools used by this study, ranked by states…

I should note that not all states are discriminatory. The ones you would expect to be most equal, are… Pennsylvania with 40.3% chartered whites and 46.8% chartered blacks, along with Rhode Island with 23.9% Chartered Whites and 20.1% Chartered Blacks, represent well the high tolerance levels of each of their state’s founding fathers….

What was more interesting were the two trends one quickly grasps as one runs down through this list….

Sometimes charters are used to cull whites out of black public schools…. and sometimes charters are used to keep blacks out of white public schools. The net result is that by averages alone across the entire spectrum, discrimination does not show its ugly face…

27-State Total
37% Whites
27% Blacks
30% Hispanics

But up close and personal, one sees single state results like these…….

1.5% Whites
97.1% Blacks
1.4% Hispanics

District of Columbia
1.9% Whites
93.5% Blacks
4.5% Hispanics

4.3% Whites
89.2% Blacks
6.2% Hispanics

13.5% Whites
84.0% Blacks
1.5% Hispanics

New York
20.4% Whites
70.1% Blacks
8.9% Hispanics

27.4% Whites
63.5% Blacks
5.6% Hispanics

4.4% Whites
63.4% Blacks
30.7% Hispanics


Then the mirror opposites…..

85.4% Whites
3.1% Blacks
6.8% Hispanics

North Carolina
69.4% Whites
26.3% Blacks
3.3% Hispanics

64.9% Whites
22.4% Blacks
3.8% Hispanics

61.8% Whites
6.1% Blacks
28.1% Hispanics

59.5% Whites
5.6% Blacks
29.8% Hispanics

55.2% Whites
15.0% Blacks
21.5% Hispanics

Where whites are being culled from the public school system…

Interesting trends were in states supposedly known for their tolerance of many cultures, their charter movements appear by the above results, to cater to the whites wising to flee multiculturalism in public schools… and in states well known for the prejudicial attitudes towards minorities, charters are used to keep blacks away: Shoo, shoo, go to THAT school. Separate but equal.

(Of course some states in this study have only 2% of their population as black, so low numbers are respective of their populations.)

But reflecting the growing influence of immigrants particularly those from American nations more southern than our own. here are some noteworthy surprises.\

40.1% Whites
20.4% Blacks
36.4% Hispanics

38.4% Whites
46.1% Blacks
10.0% Hispanics

Regardless of the quirks in data, one of the biggest tools required to foster the breakdown of racial prejudices between all segments of society is the intermingling of its children before they develop those prejudices held by their parents.

Obviously charters are taking us backwards from that ideal..