The only difference between Delaware and Florida, is that in Florida legislators are allowed to express the views of their constituents… In Delaware, if you don’t follow and do EXACTLY what your legislative “handler” tells you, you are punished…

So as a state we tend not to make waves.  But in Florida, there are no constraints …. One wins elections and continues moving forward in their political career by being seen as being the truer representative of those who live in their district….

99% of Delaware Parents want Opt out.  The best the lobbyists could muster in our legislature, was to get 7 votes out of 21 in the Senate, and just 3 votes out of 41 in our House to stop the Opt Out bill from going forward… It was then vetoed by our lame duck governor who created Common Core.  And with all the pull and promises our lobbying group has… those 10 votes out of 62 was the very best they could do…….

Now if we had a House speaker who felt he needed to be representative of his constituents instead of pandering for large corporate donations, we’d have this on the floor already in a special session to have this veto overturned….

Let’s see how Florida does it differently?

Florida’s system btw is designed by Jeb Bush. so this is being portrayed (if you can find the story) with a political twist to say Jeb Bush is incompetent to lead because of this mess of a program.  But I ask you to ignore that political angle and instead focus on the news that a unanimity  of superintendents in that state are saying our National Educational Policy is bonkers.

We all know that parents raise kids, not governments.  But the national educational policy of this nation is unconstitutionally enforcing its rogue policy on states’ educational departments, and they are beginning to crack.  In Delaware (through the email dump being released to us by Exceptional Delaware), we are now finding that our catcalls on the inadequacies of our own Secretary and Department of Education, were simply our reaction over their unexplained contortional bending to fulfill ridiculous mandates being enforced by the Feds

America’s real problem is the current national secretary of Education, Arne Duncun, and his Richard Daleyish Chicagoian thugged style tactics becoming the necessary policy all individual departments must follow.

“Florida district school superintendents have lost confidence in the current accountability system for the students of the State of Florida.” 

— leads the first paragraph of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents (which represents the state’s 67 district leaders), statement….

Now we know this has happened in three Delaware districts as well.  Christina, Colonial, and Capital, from previous positions have voiced contrary stances taken by  their locally elected boards of education… We also know that many in Red Clay feel the same but are kept from expressing it in a board vote by the head of their board.  (We further know that Brandywine’s board is now just “goody, goody, two shoes” and doesn’t get involved in anything the upper crust profits in)….

On top of all this we also know that all of 19 Delaware’s  Districts’ Superintendents signed a note expressing no confidence in the implementation of Common Core and its Accountability, which inside sources now say went right into the Secretary’s trash can unopened.

“In this high stakes environment, students, teachers, and schools should not be impacted by a rushed and flawed administration of new, untried assessments. While direct negative consequences were avoided for students, the results of a flawed assessment will impact teacher evaluations (VAM) and be used to judge the quality of schools.” said all of Florida’s superintendents.

Anywhere else, this would be considered  a smack down of Penny Marshall.  But here in Delaware, it is simply swept under the rug and only those involved in educational issues rise to complain…  For every child’s sake, that has got to change…

We are in the middle of a war right now and our public schools are under attack by very rich interests…  Public school privatization or…. teaching your kids for a profit, is only what this is about… And by now we should all know, corporations don’t care for people… Never have, never will   They care only about money…

Standardized tests are bad indicators of how things are going.  They may serve to illuminate large generic problems, such as pointing out for all that poverty is the sole only factor in determining high and low test scores whereas teachers only at best have the tiniest marginal impact.

What teachers have always done best is teach.  Standardized tests don’t filter out ALL OTHER CAUSES to quantitate that. If pushing for evaluation of teachers based solely on the poverty of their students’ parents is flat out stupid, then it must follow by logic that Penny Marshall is flat out stupid. Rodel is flat out stupid; Earl Jacques (no argument here)? Flat out stupid; Dave Sokola? Flat out stupid; Jack Markell?  Flat out stupid.

Because doing just that,  is… You cannot determine a teacher’s performance by how rich the parents of her students are…  Even attempting to do so, means bad teachers get good marks of excellence for teaching rich kids, and good teachers get failing marks of excellence because of poverty.

“It’s the poverty stupid”, Anyone who treats educational problems any other way, needs to be called out for what they are… STUPID.

That is exactly what every single solitary superintendent of Florida’s sixty seven districts  just did…. And that needs to be echoed here in Delaware, led by parents at every….. single…… local….. district….. board….. of ……education……..

“Hi, I’m ________________________ and I have _________ number of kids in _________________  school and I am opting out my children because I think ranking his school based on the poverty of its parents is just plain stupid….. I don’t want him to have any part in this stupid, stupid, stupid charade…… Period”