Last spring, you wouldn’t find the fifth-graders in Language Arts class reading as many rich, engaging pieces of literature as they had in the past or huddled over the same number of authentic projects as before. Why?

test calendar

Because teachers had to stop teaching to give them a Smarter Balanced Assessment online sample test that would prepare them for the upcoming Smarter Balanced pilot pre-test which would then prepare them for the Smarter Balanced test itself – all while taking other tests required by this state.. This amounted to  three tests, each  over 2 ½ hours, in a single week, the scores of which would determine the academic track students would be placed on in middle school the following year.

Even now in the Department of Education are upcoming policy changes they hope to sneak through requiring kids to be held back if they do not score proficient or higher on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Which means if you child got a proficient this year, you had better worry.  He is very close to failing next year.  If he got under proficient, he will if this gets sneaked in, be held back until however many years it takes to pass the test.

This is why the corporate shills Markell, Sokola, Jacques, Lavelle have pushed so hard against opt out…

Opt out is the parent’s right to refuse to play… consider it simply as you writing a note to keep your kid out of dodgeball on the day it’s played in gym.

Ask.  Why should your child suffer just so they can rate both schools and teachers’ performances?   Is that the reason you and your spouse decided to have or keep your child, so he could one day help in the evaluations of schools and teacher’s performances?

Parents by now have seen their Smarter Balanced results.  Parents by now have said this does not represent MY CHILD. By now parents finally understand the silliness of making their kids suffer so heavily just so Corporate America can open public education to private investment.

Parents need to say…. Nope, we’re not going to take it…. we’re not going to take it anymore….

Which incidentally sounds exactly as if it came from a 80’s anthem …

We’re Not Gonna Take It, We’re not gonna take it. No, we ain’t gonna take it
We’re not gonna take it anymore

Opting out of the test is the best thing you can do for your child.  Don’t worry, there are absolutely zero negative consequences against which you cannot be allowed to sue.   So opt out, dare them, if you get one ounce of negative feedback, sue them and pay off your house…

Opt out passed the House 36-3 and the Senate 14-7… both have veto over-ride majorities if they choose to overthrow the governor’s veto.  Already If you live in Christina District, opting out is the law of that land,  officially approved by one of the most parent friendly school boards in this state.

Most of all,… you owe it to your child.  School should be for children again.. and you can make the difference. Opt out.