One of the best pieces I’ve read. Sometimes we are too ingrown to this controversy to be able to explain it adequately… IF you are just now wondering why your child’s scores are so low, and if this test is NOT a true reflection of your child… THIS brilliant piece below is WHERE you need to start.


OK, so what in the hell is the big deal about asking kids to take a standardized test, you might well ask, and that is an excellent question.

Smarter Balance and all the hype behind hides the most important question and therefore the answer as well. Is the test useful, and the answer is no. It serves no educational use and damages the overall learning experience.

Let’s start with the basic question, what is the purpose of the test? As I understand it, as a teacher with over 25 years of experience, the purpose is to provide one of two things.

A) Do the students understand the content I am teaching them?

B) At the end of the unit, have the students mastered the material?

Now, both A and B offer me immediate feedback, allow we to intervene appropriately as well as to challenge those who have already mastered the…

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