After considerable hard work the champion of children now has up, a list showing the rates  of each school opting out.. Jumping out are some success that were hidden in the overall averages which originally showed that over 95% of students took the Smarter Balanced Assessment….

We now know that was because the ass-licker schools all turned in 100% participation rates which overrode some of the more trustworthy schools having higher rates of opting out..

Here are the ass-kisser schools… and if you know anything about these, boy, does that description fit to a tee…

Academy of Dover 😛

Charter School of Wilmington 😛

First State Montessori Academy 😛

Lake Forest North Elementary School (Lake Forest) 😛

Lake Forest South Elementary School (Lake Forest) 😛

Richardson Park (Elementary School) (Red Clay) 😛

Star Hill Elementary School (Caesar Rodney)  😛

South Dover Elementary School (Capital) 😛

Sussex Technical High School (Sussex Tech) 😛

Every school is listed.  Go here and look up yours… Then swear it will be much lower next year and work to opt out your child and those others whom you know as well..

This chart proves beyond all doubt that opting out is the right of parents and only those schools with the most obsequious of leaders, are the only ones articulating the strongest to intimidate parents against opting out.  Obviously they put their career advancement at a much higher peg then the grade advancement of your child…..