Career Pathways

This is the new teachers’ salary rubric….  Self explanatory. it will no longer be flexible. The way to achieve income growth and financial stability, a teacher will be to become what will be known as a “leader.”

Career bumps

Again self explanatory.

Career pathway

When we get to this line of the report… we see the hidden goal….

Movement through the career pathway should be determined by years of experience and evidence of effective teaching:

  • a. A summative rating of Effective or higher on DPAS should be required to progress to the next designation on the career pathway
  • b. An educator should not face “demotion” on the career pathway; they should continue to receive the compensation associated with their current designation until they receive the required rating(s) required to progress to the next designation

By controlling the career ratings an administrator can cap the salary of ones flock.

Receiving no incoming revenue this upcoming year?  Very well.  Give out no  “effective” ratings, no matter what the secondary evidence shows otherwise…

The Smarter Balanced Assessment hereby will control 65-75 % of whether an teacher is deemed effective or not,…..  A test pegged directly to a student’s family’s income distribution.   And that is what has to change.  That is a wild card, a black box that allows management at will to interfere with every teacher’s compensation regardless of how well she/he is teaching… The example of a new teacher resting at minimum, not at risk of becoming more expensive, getting the majority of the effective ratings required to boost a school administrator’s scores, versus the example of  those teachers who in all other criteria (but the Smarter Balanced) are excelling, being left to dangle on the last plateau before their income is scheduled to rise again.

What this does not address is how other states will not come in and steal those effective teachers,  paying  them higher with less suffering, less aggravation , less abuse  being experienced by them at the hands of their administrators.

This is simply a corporate tactic to control labor cost.

This  new system has bugs.  The big one being its insistence on the Smarter Balanced as a teacher breaker.