A.  Type out letter to hand to my children’s Principal’s secretaries tomorrow while school is in session….

Dear Principal and other Education Officers.

Under the authority of HB50, vetoed by the governor but buttressed by statements that it only codifies rights we already have, I am withdrawing my child from being forced to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment.   As his parent, I hereby opt my children out from taking this test…. 

Thank you,

B.   Type up email telling all on my email list the reasons I have chosen to opt out and that I hope for the sake of their children that they do the same…… Then “send to all”…..

C.   Iron a red blouse and a red shirt with red tie to wear tomorrow….

D..  Print up flyers to hand out in my neighborhood tomorrow evening as I walk to all the homes with children.

Attn. Parents:

You have the right to opt out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  100% of child psychologists recommend your child opts out.   Most college professors have scorned Common Core and prefer their students to have been taught the old fashioned way.  They say Common Core skips the most important basics… 25-30% of your tax dollars get sucked up by this one test.  That money could be used to put more teachers in classrooms and have more educational experiences for our children…  I live in this neighborhood and can help with any questions you have regarding either Common Core or the Smarter Balanced Assessment… You can take your child’s test yourself by visiting this site….

As a parent its the most important site you’ll ever see…. 

Thank you.

E.   Go early to my child’s school and hand out bottled waters to parents with a sign behind me saying  “Smarter Balanced Hurts Children– Opt Out.”

F.   Paint “Refuse The Test On My Back Window” and tie my spouse’s beer cans to my back bumper…..

G.  Pre-write 3 pads of 3M sticky-notes…..   REFUSE THE TEST……  to be distributed where ever they might be read……..

H.   Write a thank you note to my child’s teachers.. and slip in my child folder…

Dear Teacher:

On this day, I especially want to thank you for your service to my child.  I am so proud of all you do.  Teaching is a noble profession and only the most noblest of us, rise to take it on.  Just wanted to let you know I opted my child out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment today, and that we are doing this for you and your peers as well as he and his peers too…. You work too hard to have our children’s scores bring you down and kick you out… We support you. We love what you do…

Thank you…. 

I.  Write “REFUSE THE TEST”  in colored chalk on sidewalks one block away from  your child’s school….  Do a full circle around the school…

J... Send email soliciting support for your actions….

Dear All.

Today I begin my parental duty of refusing the test… I was a rebel. It was fun.  I opted my child, I spread the word, and have become inspired by all the support I’ve gotten from parents across the board.  I am not alone.  All parents feel as do I, just have not gotten the courage yet to do what I did… I would like to help… if any of you have questions you think I can answer, don’t hesitate.  It’s your child and I know you love them as much as I love mine… Refusing this test is the most important thing I’ve ever done… I would like you standing next to me… 

(PS  I can help you write your letter; just ask)

Thank you…. 

K.  Read Exceptional Delaware at night to see all that happened since I can’t make it to Dover at 12:30 pm… If you can, send me a note…. Be brave;  and thanks…