Child Safety —  Everything must be done to protect students and keep them safe and psychologically healthy.

Learning —  The brain learns on its own.  It learns what is most interesting to it.  If you put interesting books before it, it learns books. If you put interesting videos, it learns videos.  If an interesting student sits in front, it learns about that student. Learning cannot be measured except by a teacher who knows that child.

Social Engagement —  We are social animals…  We learn from each other.  The more different we are in a classroom, the more every one learns and a better and more stable society is seeded.  Schools need play time and time to allow socialization to naturally occur on its own.

Self confidence —  The sign of adult maturity is self confidence.  Confidence is built by becoming comfortable with one’s environment.  Those graduating should after 12 years be confident they have the tools they need to prosper as adults.


These are the classical four pillars of education.  Originally formulated by the Greeks who themselves borrowed from many conquered civilizations.  In some ways they were wiser than us.  For just as we can learn and predict a computer game’s behavior by watching it over and over, they looked at human behavior over and over.   These are the four traits our founding fathers were given in their schooling.  These were the four traits the greatest generation grew strong upon.  These are what developed the Baby Boomers…

Ask yourself…. how does taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment augment and improve a student’s stature in any of these categories?

Now if teaching does instill them, and the Smarter Balanced takes away from teaching…. wouldn’t it make sense to get rid of the Smarter Balanced Assessment?