This link takes you to STARTCLASS’s rankings of Delaware’s Schools… it is the Harvard program designed to rank all schools in the country.

Those of us who know the school profiles inside and out, will see exactly what is being done.  A select list of criteria mostly in this case the former DCAS scores, is used solely.

And of course, based on it, charters are ranked at the top… There is no mention of  African heritage percentages or any other minorities for that matter. Low income is never glossed…

This is a preview of what the rating system will be about.

Image a parent stuck at what is a failing school (listed here) filled with great teachers, great staff, and is building students daily, who constantly tries to pull their kid out into an inferior school based on these ratings?…

This appears to be nothing but an advertisement for charter schools… And the data is not true… Imagine if you are an Afro American scientist moving into Delaware looking at these top schools thinking you’ll put your kids into them… and find,,, though you kids are smart at home… for some reason…. they can’t get accepted in these chalky white institutions…….