I’ll send you over to Exceptional Delaware for the details…

But…. here is what you should take away from this…..  The right to opt out…. which passed the House of Delegates by a margin of 36-3… which passed the Senate by a margin of 14-7…. which would now be law across the entire state, from Delmar to Claymont, from Fenwick Island to Corner Ketch but for a governor’s veto…. … is now law by independent action in the giant school district of Christina…

Any child can opt out in the Christina District without fear of any consequence whatsoever….  As an example, 20% of students opted out in New York State… THAT IS ONE OUT OF EVERY 5.

With such an overwhelming public support for getting rid of this test, can we not see all the other districts bypassing our cowardly bottled up legislature and following the same procedure?

Citizens… call your school boards and administrators and demand they make opt out without recrimination legal in your district too…. your child should not take this test!

Kent County

New Castle County

Sussex County

One down… 18 more to go…..