Delaware has held up the Smarter Balanced Test Results.  Other states released their preliminary data already. Delaware will release theirs Wednesday September 2nd….  (a year from the Wednesday they press-conferenced the charter takeover of 6 schools that was postponed btw by public outcry).

Of course everyone wondered why. Speculation was rampant.

We now have the answer, released today.

At that link you will find these words….

“We also online resources that you and your families will find helpful…”

And they are:

Be A Learning Hero Skillbuilder

Great Kids!


Who are these guys?

Be A Learning Hero Skillbuilder is a project of New Venture Fund.   Be A Learning Hero Skillbuilder gives special thanks to Bloomberg Philanthropies, Leona Helmsley Charitable Trust, The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, and of course the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity, supports innovative and effective public interest projects.  it is a cover for the investment firm: Arabella Advisors.  Arabelia Advisor’s prime goal is to work with you and your other advisors to create strategies, identify opportunities, and structure investments to maximize the impact of your portfolio.

You click on the site and go to “helping your child” you are directed to a state directory. Click on Delaware, your child’s grade, the subject matter and you are directed to DelExcell… and this message…. “This page is designed specifically for Delaware parents and guardians who have received their child’s Smarter Balanced score report. Use your child’s performance in the categories on the math and English reports to find resources to support them at home”

A menu arrives and it directs you to the firm. LearnZillion

There you find some short videos showing basics of the subject matter.  And you get a sign in message which if you provide your data, will allow you access to the site.  LearnZillion, Inc. provides online video lessons for teachers, children, and parents. The company’s online video lessons highlight a Common Core standard starting with math in grades 3 to 9.  It is imporant to note, that Joanne Weiss, who most recently served as Chief of Staff to the United States Secretary of Education from 2009-2012, has joined the board of LearnZillion. Prior to her role as Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Education, Weiss led the Department’s $4.35 billion Race to the Top program. She joined the Department from NewSchools Venture Fund, where she was Partner and Chief Operating Officer at the venture philanthropy firm working to transform public education by supporting education entrepreneurs and connecting their work to systemic change.

LearnZillion is a portfolio company of Learn Capital ,,,a venture capital firm focused exclusively on funding entrepreneurs with a vision for better and smarter learning…

Great Kids! promotes seminars…   Here is their list….   for a large fee they will show you how to outreach to your community…  and develop great kids.  Nothing here really helps parents with their child’s Smarter Balanced Assessment scores.

DelExcels  DelExcels is a coalition between the Delaware Department of Education, Delaware State Education Association, Delaware Parent Teacher Association, and Rodel Foundation of Delaware. This joint effort aims to inform all Delawareans about the changing education standards and assessments in our state.  Translated, that means it’s job is to support the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Go there for help and it sends you to Great Kids. which is full of fake propaganda pieces extolling great stories of learning, none of which apply to the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Remember, Great Kids sells seminars.

If math is your concern you are directed to a “free online tutoring” with Mr. Elementary Math.  You are then hit with assortments of doo-dads schools or teachers can buy for their classrooms.

Which brings us to the whole point of Common Core and raising standards… The prime reason for this push is because private enterprise and Wall Street investors wanted a piece of the one trillion dollar educational market.  Most of that is taken by public schools and is out of the hands of private investment.   Common Core was implemented to artificially raise standards, and then a plethora of private companies could move in with offers to help children meet those artificially raised standards…

It is as if we said Usain Bolt’s 100 meter dash was not good enough, Why not 8 seconds for the new standard, and then we opened the door for private enterprise to develop ways of running 100 meter in under 8 seconds…  Smarter Balanced is like that…

Our new standard is artificially created. It is artificially supported.  it is artificially spun.  It’s results are artificial as well. And its originators hope many, many parents will be suckered into spending hard earned dollars to help their child succeed, when their child could otherwise succeed just as well without the spending of any extra money, if we’d just left the standards the same….

All Common Core and Smarter Balanced are when it comes down to it… is one big commercial…. Hype….to sell a product… And like the angst suffered by Ralphie and his family in the video provided… parents across this country will experience similar frustrations.. all for a crummy commercial….

The Delaware Department of Education’s email… proves it…   This is why this administration is forcing Delaware to continue what almost every other state has dropped…..  Our legislature has had wool put over its eyes.  It is there no longer. The real question is whether our legislators will drop their support for Common Core and the Smarter Balanced Assessment, despite 100% of child psychologists calling for its eradication, …… or….. will they be bought out too?