The Common Core State Standards call for kindergärtners to learn how to read, but a new report by early childhood experts says that forcing some kids to read before they are ready could be harmful.

It says there is no evidence to support a widespread belief in the United States that children must read in prekindergarten or kindergarten to become strong readers and achieve academic success…..

Our Federal Educational policy is simply OUT OF CONTROL and is being run by twenty year old kids, put in educational places of authority for the very reason they lack enough of  life’s experience to challenge the biased notions of corporate business educational reform upon which they were hand-fed….

i learned to read first in 1st Grade.  I wasn’t ready in kindergarten.  It would have ruined me…  I turned out ok… How about you?  Did you turn out ok too?

So what is wrong with our General Assembly…

Why are we still taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment?

Why are we still teaching the bankrupt and odious Common Core?

Why have we not put the officers of Rodel in jail?

Obviously the correct answer is:…. they are policies and friends of the governor… that’s why.. But if we were instead dealing with the breakdown of a financial institution for example which made far lesser bad decisions (as in Wilmington Trust) than did our state make in educational policy,  we be putting all these people in court and perhaps a couple in jail….

The real problem, I’m afraid, lies with you, the citizens of Delaware who are too complacent, too unwilling to challenge authority when it errs against common sense,  and the exact opposite of those selfish investors holding the fragments of the old Wilmington Trust,…

They care about their money… Can any of you explain to me …. why you don’t …. care…. about your children?