Oh my. What a weak argument was made by the New York Times today in their op-ed argument for not opting out…   Since it is exactly the same argument being made right now by this administration to each legislator, I thought it deserves a rebuttal in public discussion.  What do you think?

Here is their argument.

A)  For the test culture to survive and continue for the next hundred years and make huge profits for the testing companies, we need to squash the opt out movement….

B) This opt out movement could liberate blacks and poor from being permanently classified as poor and black failures and empower them to become good citizens like any of the rest of us in our future. That privilege needs to be preserved for whites or a lucky few colored’s progeny of corporate business executives.

C) This opt-out movement could undermine or destroy  the ill-thought-out Common Core which is now on its last legs and in deep danger of being thrown out of every state probably by 2018….

D) Unlike any time across the history of man, the opt-out movement seriously undermines the “best hope for holding school districts accountable for educating all students, regardless of race or income.”  HOW DID WE EVER SURVIVE BEFORE THESE TEST… oh…. my….. goodness….  By this logic, everyone who went to school before 2014 is a complete idiot…

E) “The 200,000 students, out of 1.1 million, who skipped the tests did not have a known valid reason, like illness.”  We have to have a known reason… Our giant data banks demand it… How can you control people’s behavior with data when you don’t have a  data for the reason?

F)  “In some school districts the opt-out rate was above 80 percent”. (Personal interjection here:  yay to those districts, Way to get involved in making a stand to actually improving your child’s education)

G) “For the most part, those opting out were white and in wealthy or middle-class communities”… They all said “Fvck this sh/t… We ain’t being treated like no n/gg’a; look, those fools all took the test; stupid minorities… 1% opt out fo’ dem; 80% fo’ us.  Do what yo told, boy.”

H)  “Of the students who took the tests statewide, only 31 percent had a proficient score on reading while 38 percent were proficient in math.”   Everyone knows it can’t be the test that is stupid… IT HAS TO BE THE STUPID LITTLE KIDS WHO NEED TO SUFFER, SUFFER, SUFFER, CAUSE THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT … GETTING KICKED IN THE HEAD EVERY DAY IN CORPORATE AMERICA AND NEVER EVER HAVING YOUR DREAMS FULFILLED.. THAT IS HOW CORPORATE AMERICA WORKS AND THEY FVCKIN’ OWN THE FVCKIN’ NEW YORK TIMES!!!!!  (lol)

I)  “Teachers have complained that they will be judged unfairly based on how well students perform on tests that they consider faulty; at least one of their union leaders urged parents to boycott the tests.”  Fvck That.. We can’t have people opting out of being evaluated by faulty tests.. That was the whole point of this exercise.. To get rid of good teachers and replace them with cheap-paid dolts (Teach For America) after only 25 days of classroom and one day actually teaching a class… Opting students out is going to destroy this whole corporate scheme… we can’t have that…..

J) “In response to parental protests, the State Legislature last year forbade school districts to use test scores as the primary factor in grade promotions or to put the scores on a student’s permanent record.”   Meaning it was that….  fvckin’,,… bad… We MUST squelch this opt-out movement .. we can’t have people not taking a test that is “this fvckin’ bad”… Who knows?  One day they may not even buy supermarket peaches because lo and behold, they have big black soft spots on them… Heavens. We can’t have that!

K) “And having a large number of students opting out of the tests could hurt efforts to document and close the achievement gap between low-income and minority students and more privileged students”  Like how are we going to find out who is smart and who is not if we don’t use tests?  Same thing… Like we can’t test animals… so how do we know if people are smarter than animals when we can’t test them… Animals,  minorities.. same things.. at least to us in the New York Times, they are treated similar by us …

L.) “Federal law requires that at least 95 percent of eligible students take the annual tests, and districts that fall short may face penalties, including a loss of federal aid.”  HA, HA, HA, HA,…. LIKE EVERY OFFICIAL EVER! WHO IS BEING RATED “YAY” OR “NAY” BY HIS COMBINED DISTRICTS TEST SCORES, IS DELIBERATELY GOING TO LOWER HIS AVERAGE THEREBY OPENING HIM UP TO A POLITICAL CHALLENGE… BY CUTTING OFF FUNDING TO HIS DISTRICTS THEREBY PLUMMETING HIS SCORES BELOW THE FLOOR.

M) “But imposing penalties would further damage poor districts that already lack sufficient money to improve their academic performance or help subpar students with remedial tutoring. At the same time, financial penalties might not persuade districts with the highest opt-out rates — often the wealthier ones — to participate, since they are apt to receive little federal funding.”  So penalties won’t happen. Some official putting a gun to his own head and pulling the trigger will happen before 95% penalties ever do… (Hopefully that suicide will never happen. Please get help right now if you feel the need to kill yourself because you support his horrid odious test)….

N)  “With opt-out activists threatening to redouble their efforts next year, political leaders need to convince everyone involved — school boards, superintendents, principals, parents, state education officials, guidance counselors, and teachers and their unions — of the importance of these tests and find ways to help students and teachers meet the challenge they pose.”  If anyone was really serious about making “Opt Out” go away… they would eliminate the Smarter Balanced Assessment today, and return to the DCAS…  No one opted out of the DCAS… No one opted out of cirruculums before Common Core…

This New York Times opinion piece is so one-sided one can tell they got it sent with orders to publish it with no changes. . Its condescending attitude to children can be summed up in one phrase…. “Eat your poop, children. You can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your poop…”

You must think….  no one there has ever taken the test….. wouldn’t you?  There is nothing in the article at all, about how horrid, terrible, inane, despicable, unkempt, ill-conceived, and just plain stupid this test really is… That is why parents are opting out… Not for sh/ts and giggles…

We need another test… now.   We need more opting out to drive that point home… If 80% doesn’t send a message.(are they really that fvckin’ stupid).. shoot for 100% this year…..