Attention Parents.

The easiest time to opt out is at the beginning of school.  Your kids have taken the test.  They have told you it is a waste of time.  Out of 45 states once part of Common Core, Delaware is one of 9 left taking this horrible test.  You have not gotten the scores back because they are afraid you will opt out once you see them…   They have set a deadline to opt out that will be crossed before you get your scores….

Point is: you don’t need those scores to know you want to opt out… You want to opt out…  Here is the short list of reasons including the one above.

  1. Legislatures in almost every state have dropped the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Delaware is one of the few that didn’t. The test is that bad.
  2. The Delaware General Assembly House voted 36 to 3 to allow you, the parent to opt out… That is a 12 to 1 ratio in favor…
  3. The Delaware General Assembly Senate voted 14 to 7 to allow you, the parent to opt out… That is a 2 to 1 ratio of people who despite getting the hard sell from the governor to stand firm against parents and allow corporations to masticate your children, chose to allow you, the parent to opt out….
  4.  The General Assembly will meet this fall in a special session to override the Governor’s veto if you, the parent become active in your state government and call all the representatives  to demand it.
  5. 100% of child psychologists across the country have said the Smarter Balanced Assessment unlike any other test out there, is very harmful to your child’s development.  They strongly urge all children to opt out.
  6. The test is a joke.  Every grown up who has taken the test (which you can do as well) has said “what the fvck are these questions even asking?”
  7. The scores are graded on a curve… and it doesn’t matter how well your child does on the test, he is still going to be given the score the DOE wants him to have…   It is not like tests you remember in school where if everyone gets all the answers right, they all get an “A”… Being graded on the curve means that even if all the kid’s answer correctly, the bottom 70% of those answering perfectly, will still fail.  It will be decided on the psychological profiling questions every child must answer….
  8.  The answers are so immature, professional adults don’t know which is right.  Therefore they can be changed at will and no one ever sees the scores or the tests to collaborate that the score received came from the test that was taken… They get their appointed score based on their race and income level.. Pure and simple…

Opting out has never been easier…  Copy and paste the form below and send it with your child on August 31st….


Delaware’s Official Opt Out Form.

Dear Principal at ____________________________________ School.

I, the parent of _______________________________________  am choosing to opt my child out of the most ridiculous test ever known to man: the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  He is not to take that test when it is administered to his class.

Please put him in study hall or a classroom where he can read something he finds worthwhile when those in his class who did not opt out, are scheduled to take the test…

Thank you in advance for your prompt response…..


Parent and legal guardian of ______________________________________________

Copyright held by the Delaware Department of Education/2015