You’ve heard the myth…  “if every one open carried there would be no crime… ”

We are close to that now in parts of our cities and shootings are going out the roof…   We all know Wilmington’s issue.  Cassandra at Del. Liberal keeps us informed.

But I was not prepared and I was surprised to hear rural people in states totally lacking inner city populaces complaining about the same damn thing. “Everyone who has a gun is going crazy” is how they put it… Families shooting each other; business partners turning on the other; neighbors going to war over disputes about vines on fences;  and of course, rural cops looking for anyone who won’t fight back to hurt them before they summarily get executed.  Read: the mentally infirm, women, and children.

But the point is this.  The NRA’s prime job is to make us safer by educating Americans on how to use guns… 

Their primary function was to make us safer….

They have failed…  and it was not a little failure, like a missed point or two… It is a monstrous catastrophic failure…

One assumes the failure is in their message.  If you say all must have a gun to feel safe, and spend half a billion per year to run that message to your members, to Congress, and to the news media, it is not surprising that many of those who have mental issues centering around paranoia, digest that message and buy guns because they’ve been told it is the only way they can feel safe…

It is duplicitous for the NRA to say: “we are trying to make guns safer through education”, then fight tooth and nail against well meaning legislation which has only one function: to separate the mentally ill from their guns.

So they are for the most part the ones to blame for the senseless killing ongoing today.  Again for the most part they set the message that guns are for settling scores..  “Don’t get yourself sued, Just Kill the Bastard”…. has become their preferred method of handling arguments….  “Got a grief?  Shoot To Kill”..

Today in the days of money, those elected are intimidated by them because they are well funded mostly by gun manufactures… Can’t blame them. The NRA has given gun manufacturers their best business years ever.  Cheap investment if I ever saw one.

But the “ying” for the yang of increased Connecticut employment… is the “yang” of dead bodies… piling up in double digits daily.. Why are there so many dead bodies?  We never had them before?

The NRA needs to be painted with the blame… They failed… They failed…. They failed…. It is time for American Gun owners to realize that since the NRA has failed its utmost duty, Government has to step in to reassert order… NRA is in chaos… Time to remove the boys and replace them with real men… Men who have guns, but…. are educated and know how to use them….

Not like the dolts we have today.