It’s an intergalactic kegger where the last one standing is holding the check……

Kilroy has it up….. 

9 states bailout, 4 thinking about bailing and 4 states weren’t dumb enough to join

And that does not include South Carolina which dropped out and this year gave their own test.

As  states bail out, the fixed cost of running the Smarter Balanced Assessment becomes split by fewer and fewer states. What was originally costed out being divided by 26 states and territories… , then dropped down to 24 states and territories,  then down to 19…….  and now… down to just 16 governing members of the Smarter Balanced consortium….. soon to be 9….

Whereas Delaware once paid one 26th of the Smarter Balanced cost,,, it is now being hit with one 9th….  We will be hit with a $50 million dollar tab for playing the Smarter Balanced Assessment game…   $50 million already being charged to us because we didn’t have enough sense to bail…

“Your check, sir…….”

This is Dave Sokola’s legacy.  This is Earl Jacques legacy. This will be how all of Delaware will remember Jack Markell as the budget for 2017 gets smacked with $50 million big ones..  and we will be paying a huge bill for a test we did not use…

We need to get out of the Smarter Balanced Consortium.  Everyone else is. We need to realize the only reason we are still in is for Jack’s pride.  It does nothing for students. It does nothing for teachers. It does nothing for principals… except focus all their attention 180 degrees away from learning…. We are dumbing down Delawareans and our educational leadership is directly showing us the way.