And urges every black legislator to jump on and fully support the removal of the SBAC from all schools….

The problem in Delaware as other bloggers currently heap heat on those black legislators who just Uncle Tom’d their race , … is that those people were lied to and wantonly accepted those lies like a big Largemouth Bass willingly accepts a twisting worm twirled around a hook with a line running straight up to the water’s surface.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to black people.  It is worse than cops killing black youth.  It is worse than the high conviction rates piled on blacks instead of the light sentences doled out to whites.  It is worse then the number of blacks in prison…

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is a tool ….. One designed to label black children as failures, and affirm white children as successes….

Black schools are disproportionately funded, and their students will be disproportionately labeled as failures.  Using standardized tests to label black people and immigrants as failures while systematically underfunding their schools, has a long and ugly history in our nation’s history…..

Those blacks who voted against the opt out movement, are rushing separate but unequal segregation forward faster….

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is simply unfair… We once had a very fair test, the DCAS, but Greg Lavelle’s vote last year caused the Smarter Balanced to become law of the land….

All blacks need to opt out… All immigrants need to opt out… All economically disadvantage children need to opt out.  All special education children need to opt out…  Everyone needs to opt out…. We need a different test.

Your children are not failures… it is the test which is…   Get rid of the test.. Tell your legislator to get rid of the test….  If you can possibly do it in public to put him on the spot… more power to you.

Delaware’s NAACP needs to fire its leadership and get itself in line with the national movement of Black Lives Matter… Our leader is a flat-out Uncle Tom. No ifs. No ands. No buts.  Until you vote in change, we  Delawareans continue to have the Samuel Jackson character in Django running the blacks in the household dominated by the rich investors of the Delaware Way.

Who left out there has guts?

We need a NAACP leader who fights to rid Delaware of all Charter Schools.  Fights to rid Delaware of all corporate tests and return to tests written by teachers (DCAS).  We need a NAACP  leader who calls on all schools to strike, hell with the law.  We need a NAACP leader who calls on every black, every minority, every free lunch child, and ever special ed student to opt out of the test right now…. We need a NAACP leader who stands up for Black people… Not one who goes running into the governor’s chamber for a photo-op anytime someone calls them out for what they truly are….