In response to Governor Markell’s veto on HB 50, the next step is undertaken.  Many may not know how to get a bill past a governor’s veto.  So here it is.

Step 1:  Bombard the leaders…. Just like dropping bunker-busters where we thought Saddam was hiding, you try to decapitate the opposition by taking out their head… Since we aren’t killing anyone we use different tactics which is political pressure.  First off, understand this. You who are reading this are the front line.  If the front line does not react, then the second through 100th lines will not react as well…

Copy and Paste  or create your own and send as an email to the House and Senate leadership…


Please. For the sake of democracy, schedule a special session to override Governor Markell’s veto before the School year begins in September.  A bill passed overwhelmingly in both houses was vetoed solely to appease special interests.

Presient Pro Tempore – Patricia M. Blevins (D)

Phone: (302) 744-4133


Senate Majority Leader – David B. McBride (D)

Phone: (302) 744-4167


Speaker of the House – Peter C. Schwartzkopf (D)

Phone: (302) 744-4351


House Majority Leader – Valerie J. Longhurst (D)

Phone: (302) 744-4351


Step 2:  Pressure your local representative…  He/she has just finished 6 months of emotionally draining sessions followed by long drives and is finally on break. The last thing they want is to hear from you… Which of course means:  NOW, is the time….

Dear _________________:

I’m am disappointed in Governor Markell’s veto of HB 50.  It was overwhelmingly passed by both chambers.  However our Constitution allows for We, The People to override a special interest’s hold on a governor, by having a special session convene and vote to overide that veto.  Please contact your leadership and demand that this take place before the beginning of the school year so all parents and teachers have clarity and can make plans accordingly.

Step 3:  Become a whistleblower, hero, or troublemaker (same thing, depends on who is doing the calling) for your district’s representatives…  Tom Carper for what little he’s worth now, once gave some awesome advice back when he was governor… “If you want us to do something….. MAKE us have no option but to do it…”  I sat in the audience and went, “wow, brilliant” … He’s saying that he has to answer to people too, and if you have more people and clout, he can tell the others sorry and vote against his friends.. and we all know that though it takes great courage to stand up to your enemies… it takes far greater courage to stand up to your friends…

So we as citizens of this great state, have to make it politically so:,… that no legislator has a chance unless he supports the special session to override Jack’s veto….

And one does that… how?

By getting others on board…   Which since 99% of Delawareans are for the Opt Out Bill, should be easy as long as you try…

Go to your computer and type out one paragraph why YOU think the opt out bill must pass… Make it personal and stick to what you know….  Print 5 copies and go to your front door.

Next, go out your front door…  either left or right and knock on the first neighbor you see home… Do small talk because if you are like most of us, you’ve done nothing but say “hi” since Christmas vacation.   In that conversation somewhere say “did you hear that Governor Markell vetoed the opt out bill?  What’s up with that?”…..  It’s summer so most likely they:  a) haven’t heard; b) have no idea what the opt-out bill is unless they have children; and c) are only interested because it is you, their neighbor doing the talking….

Ask them what they think?  Just talk. They are human beings and don’t need preached…  You have deep concerns and let them know… Ask them to call or email their rep…. (they probably won’t) but the next time someone knocks on their door summer 2016,  they will get an earful.  Then, if you have time, go on to another house…

Your effectiveness will come from that you are a human just like them who lives in their neighborhood.  You are not some kids hired from Minnesota with tablets and clipped speech asking them to support Corporate American Philosophy.   You will plant a seed and they will question the big questions…   “Why is our government so out of whack?”  “Why is our government voting for the rich few, and leaving millions in the dust?”  “Why is our government doing this to children so friends of theirs, already rich, get richer?”  “Is this the type of America my parents or grandparents fought our nation’s enemies to preserve?”

These thoughts bubble up over time, so even if you did not get an email or letter sent, you alerted a concerned citizen to now mistrust anything the US Chamber of Commerce or Corporate America hitherto says…

And you will like doing it…   all will treat you with courtesy and sincere honesty and you will return the favor…   You are not there to win minds and influence decisions…  99% of people are already on your side… You are there to inform.

So inform them in your own unique way that our government here in the State of Delaware is in dire jeopardy because the will of the people this session was totally ignored by a governor kowtowing to special interests….   If we get ignored now, we will certainly be later ignored when they try to put a cancer-causing power plant in our back yard… or a nuclear reactor… or raise our electric rates 60%… or have us billed monthly for our water to hide a 35% price increase embedded therein…

This debate really is about who runs this country… special interests who can now buy politicians…. or you and me… That is why everyone reading this needs to actually meet and greet their neighborhood….

Then, and only then,  will your legislator truly listen to you… because you have acquired more power than can be wielded by any lobbyists….