In Chess, the castle is sometimes called the rook.  Therefore the Rooks would be the ones protecting the public from the onslaught of evil, as would a castle in the days of Game of Thrones.

The Crooks are those who believe the Charter School Network is above the law, does not have to report to anyone, and can dip its hand into the money pot anytime they want… Those who’ve studied the General Assembly House, will nod their heads over how accurate this one bill’s vote tally splits the House into two sections… those with morals … and those without…..

Vote Type:SM Yes: 23 No: 17 Not Voting: 0 Absent: 1

Crooks…. versus…. Rooks…..

Barbieri Y J. Johnson Y Peterman A
Baumbach Y Q. Johnson Y Potter Y
Bennett Y Keeley Y Ramone N
Bolden Y Kenton N B. Short Y
Brady Y Kowalko Y D. Short N
Briggs King N Longhurst Y M. Smith Y
Carson Y Lynn Y Smyk N
Collins N Matthews Y Spiegelman N
Dukes N Miro N Viola Y
Gray N Mitchell Y K. Williams Y
Heffernan Y Mulrooney Y Wilson N
Hensley N Osienski Y Yearick N
Hudson N Outten N Schwartzkopf N
Jaques N Paradee Y