“I will veto House Bill 50” Governor Markell said to Rick Jensen.  So let us look at the options with no emotion and a clear eye.  And the choices are:………………

  • Veto the legislation after General Assembly is gone and they choose not to come back to override it…
  • Veto the legislation after the General Assembly is gone and they come back but are unable to override… (Chuck Todd will be one busy showman.)
  • Veto the legislation after the General Assembly is gone and they come back and overturn the veto and the bill becomes law.
  • Veto the legislation now and let the GA override it very soon; sometime this session.
  • Let the bill become law without signing it…
  • Sign the damn thing and make a Survivor comment:  the tribe has spoken and snuff out ones coconut lamp.

Now this will play out in the environment where 90% of Delawareans are knowledgeable about this bill, and in favor of it. Governor Markell is protected from their wrath  because he does not run again, ever in this state….

(If he were to run again perhaps to Congress, this veto would sink him before he started.)  HB 50 conversation would suck all the air out of the room and he could get no traction off any other topic. It would come back around again and again.)

When do vetoes ever work politically?  They work when the legislative body is not the same representation of the population at large.  The current Federal government is a case in point.  A Republican House held up solely by gerrymandering the district lines, and a Republican Senate held up by very few Democrats voting, do not reflect how the nation voted in 2012 or 2008.. the past presidential years.

Therefore one can assume that most people will be in favor of the veto and the only reason it is being exercised is to give Republicans the excuse they voted for it.  Repealing Obamacare is a case in point.  Vetoing the repeal keeps a good piece of legislation liked by the majority of citizens rather than succumbing to the will of Congress and removing it from the US Code.

The time not to exercise a veto, is when the public is very much in favor of the bill and special interests are not, and the Governor choses the wants of the special interests over those of the people….

And that is where HB 50 lies.  90% of Delawareans want the opt out bill as law.  Special interests do not.  They prefer it to be repealed… Therefore if the Governor vetoes the bill, he faces the wrath of 90% of the population… But will they quickly forget?  Remember,… they still yet have to receive the shock from the scores mailed to them this August, So no, this is do or die for the governor… All are watching to see what kind of a man he is. Does he govern for the people?  Or, is he there to serve only the special interests?…..

Since he will lose the great amount public opinion and gobs of future credibility if he continues propping up special interests, the field of his choices is narrowing.

He really only has these politically viable options.  The rest are suicidal.

  • Veto the bill while Legislator is in session and just shrug shoulder when it overrides the veto..  Then it will be quickly forgotten by the public and he can continue building his legacy on other things.
  • Or just sign the darned thing.

The latter choice is the better.   Anything else, keeps the pressure on; the pieces in the News Journal and blogs, all which make regular citizens question the wisdom of the Governor, still continue unabated…  Negative press is not what the Governor needs right now..

There is no way to win against popular public opinion, and all subsequent foot dragging to stretch out he effects of the poison will make the Governor look far worse than better.