I’m laughing at the title… Someone who sees it and knows nothing of our General Assembly, is going to say WTF.

But everyone who does know, knows exactly what those hieroglyphics mean.  Here is why what he did made sense….

Delaware put in the 11th grade Smarter Balanced Assessment test which is not required by the feds. (Why?  Obviously seeing the connection between our government and AIR (makers of the test), it was done as a personal favor so that company would get more money out of Delaware taxpayers!)  Feds only require testing in grades 3-10.   Now for a child who has passed 10 grades so far, or is in eleventh grade without having previously taken the Smarter Balanced Assessment (they were first used this year), and who has a great chance of being accepted by a top-notch higher education facility….  to get a failing grade on the SBA (because the test is bad; not the student) could most likely dash those dreams permanently…. Would Harvard refuse a top-notch student who failed the SBA ?  Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all know this test is bogus.. We all know It does not tell us what a child knows.. We all know It does not tell us his abilities.. We all know it has only one purpose and that is to be used as an excuse to fire great, outstanding teachers you can’t otherwise get rid of… It is time to simply stop pretending this test is for students… It has nothing to do for students, except make them look worse than they are…..

So if you were close to getting into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, MIT, Stanford, Rice, or Bucknell, taking the Smarter Balanced in your junior year could doom you to Delaware Tech…  Because that test is a crap shoot… It is a guessing game… There is no correlation between the answers or questions…  It does not measure what you know… It is a crap test… ( you have taken it, right?)

This amendment provides protection to those students… If they had illegally opted out then that could cast doubt over their intent… But if legally allowed to opt out, no academic institution would hold it against them, and their perfect record would remain intact…..

From both Senate and House floor conversations, it is obvious that most people don’t realize is how bad this test is… IT IS THE MOST HORRIBLE AND ARBITRARY TEST EVER TO BE GIVEN SINCE BLACKS HAD TO GUESS HOW MANY JELLY BEANS ARE IN A JAR IN ORDER TO VOTE…. no guess was ever corrrect… This is THAT kind of test because students are inconsequential;  this test is designed specifically to fire teachers and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE!!!

So it makes great sense to allow Juniors to opt-out on their own…  Most parents would be sighing relief if their child did so.. Where Bonini gets the crazy idea that students will opt out without their parents being on the same side….. “NO SON, I DON’T WANT YOU TO GO TO HARVARD ON A FULL SCHOLARSHIP; i WANT YOU TO GET SEED MONEY AND DO 2 YEARS AT DELAWARE TECH…..” Is beyond normal people’s thought processes.

This test needs to be abolished… Since it wasn’t, and since Greg Lavelle has cast his lot with the devil and forgotten the Heavenly Father, we have to allow citizens to opt out…  But that is only fixing the symptoms… WE NEED A DIFFERENT TEST… PERIOD….  Until we get one, opting out is the only other option…..

Now as for those blaming Townsend for this bill’s failure… They must remember that  Solola’s amendment was first. Therefore the elements of procedure were such that it needed another vote in the House Committee and on the House floor… Therefore Townsend’s well meaning amendment, one which affects the future of all Delaware students looking for schools outside Delaware’s usual college-feeder pattern, …. would not affect the bill’s outcome…

Yet, miraculously, it did. and in a good way. All because of Speiglman’s amendment to strip SA 2  which came out of nowhere, originally failed … But, in God’s true fashion, that objection (to SA2) which next lead to the whole bill’s failure, was also the catalyst and very reason for that vote’s rescindment under House rule 41, and its being given new life …. to now go forward…. So in order to make opting-out legal, which would cover those eleventh graders anyway (just not as strongly worded), one would expect Townsend to withdraw support of that amendment and have the bills passed in the Senate with the same overwhelming majority they were this past week…..

So in all of this… it is wise to remember that this bill should be dead now, given the impetuous antics of Sokola and Jacques… despite its getting an original lopsided victory 36-3 in the House it’s first time.   It is wise to remember this bill has 90% of public approval;….when the scores come out in August, that will probably jump closer to 100%....

But it is not dead, much to the chagrin of Dave Sokola,  Earl Jacques, Governor Markell, Mark Murphy, Rodel, and those lobbyists funded by Wall Street.  All of who want teachers fired indiscriminately based on this arbitrary test which ruins children’s futures, which does no good for anyone except those who will use it to do the firing simply to flesh out their own personal vendettas.

Townsend is not the bad guy…. By now you know who the bad guys are….. I think if any of you should ever bump into them on the street, the appropriate response to these few would be the original “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” acknowledgement….