The Charter sham is up!… All know too much for it to continue… For those who don’t know, the sham worked this way….

  • People pay for a study to create a report stating how bad public education is..  
  • Then they say they have a better solution: charters.
  • Then they say they will need these three things, if you want THEM to educate their kids….  Complete  control. no accountability, and immunity from all future indemnifications. 
  • Then buy the necessary votes…. and presto…. charter schools……

But… one small problem… charters failed miserably and couldn’t educate….. Children were dumb-ass stupid who went to charter schools and performed worse than those remaining in cash strapped public schools.

So we took a closer look at these charters…. We found out why…..

They didn’t even care if children learned or not… All they wanted was money… They knew the schools would be closed down… They knew the achievement gaps would not narrow, because they were doing nothing to tighten them…  It was ONLY about making money… and boy… did they make money…..

To the tune of $40 million stolen from taxpayers since charters were first allowed…. and most of it stolen legally….  Off the top of my head, it appears that $10 million was pocketed just this past year, according to the revelations hitting us almost daily from various reported news sources….

So…. shouldn’t someone be looking into these thefts ($10 million) and investigating these thieves?   Well, apparently based on the opposition to Representatives Kim Williams HB 186, which requires auditing of charter schools (what could go wrong, right?) the powers that be…. think we should leave the thieves alone...

They are the thieves…

A former Republican who ran against Coons for New Castle County Executive, was chucking $2 million a year in his pocket for the now defunct Pencader Charter School building (according to the Delaware Checkbook).  Each charter school is in a similar position… One of our wealthy landlords owns the land those schools rent, and pockets enough cool change to pay lobbyists great amounts to wrest standard auditing away from normal policy…..

And if you didn’t care…. everyone in the General Assembly would vote the way the lobbyists wanted!… The only thing stopping them is the embarrassment they face at the polls next time for aiding and abetting these criminals in the taking of your school dollars… You know, those property taxes allegedly supposed to go to your feeder-patterned school?

It is outrageous…. $40 million dollars and no one, no one is allowed to look into it?… all because it is protected by those who throw their weight around in General Assembly….

All know by now, that charter schools are bad…. All know by now, that charter schools ruined Philadelphia… just as they did Washington DC, Cleveland, Milwaukee,  and Chicago…..  Charter schools are an abomination… They are puss aggregators surrounding rectal orifices…

The only reason charter schools exist… is to legally rob money from the poor, to give to the rich.  There is NO OTHER REASON… and if you need proof still, then look at the gigantic fight on going RIGHT NOW to keep our state auditor from being allowed to look into Charter School finances…. even though 7 charters are under investigation for blatant fraud….

But the powers that be…. don’t want their finances looked into and would rather have your money stolen flat out, than be caught with their pants down which these audits will do….

You hold the balance of power…..

Here is the bill: HB 186.

Currently, all school districts, including vocational schools, are subject to the Auditor of Accounts. Edits to the November 2010 Charter School Manual removed instructions for charter schools to go through Auditor of Accounts when contracting for audits. There is presently no legislative authority to require charter schools to submit to the Auditor of Accounts processes. This bill adds charter schools to the list of entities for audits through the Auditor of Accounts. The bill takes effect so that the Auditor of Accounts shall conduct postaudits for the time periods starting on or after July 1, 2015.

Here are the committee members who need to release it….

Here is what they need to hear:

I __________________ think it is outrageous that Charter Schools have special privileges that allow illegal activity… I have been shocked at recent findings showing 7 Charters defrauding our state so far this year. I was even more shocked to find that they were removed from all accountability by a previous legislature, and could now refuse with impunity to have their books looked at by the very state who is funding them!... This must be changed.  At the very least, I would demand my representative put up for a full vote, this very important bill: one removing the elite protectionism charter schools apparently have, allowing them to commit blatant fraud with zero consequence,  “No elected official should ever vote for the continuation of open fraud involving public money….. “

Then click and send…

For good measure, here is the all of the House’s email addresses…. alphabetized…

Michael A. Barbieri
Paul S. Baumbach
Andria L. Bennett
Donald A. Blakey
Stephanie T. Bolden
Gerald L. Brady
Ruth Briggs Kingl
William J. Carson
Richard G. Collins richard.collins
Timothy D. Dukes
Ronald E. Gray
Debra J. Heffernan
Kevin Hensley
Deborah Hudson House
Earl G. Jaques Jr 😦
James Johnson
S. Quinton Johnson
Helene M. Keeley
Harvey R. Kenton
John A. Kowalko Jr.
Valerie Longhurst
Sean Lynn
Sean Matthews
Joseph E. Miro
John L. Mitchell Jr.
Michael P. Mulrooney
Edward S. Osienski
William R. “Bobby” Outten
W. Charles Paradee
Harold J. Peterman
Charles Potter Jr.
Michael Ramone
Peter C. Schwartzkopf
Darryl M. Scott
Bryon H. Short
Daniel B. Short
Melanie George Smith
Stephen T. Smyk
Jeffrey N. Spiegelman
John J. Viola
Rebecca Walker
Kimberly Williams
David L. Wilson
Lyndon Yearick

And if you are really pissed tonight that you got kicked out of Firefly by Hurricane Bill…. focus your anger on these people… it is called:  anger displacement.  It would be a way of turning something very negative, into something very positive….

For across the world, charters like cancer are beginning to do their damage; they are changing from benign to malignant… We need chemotherapy; we need it now.