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1/13/09-Dover Del.-leg.start-Delaware Senators and representatives . The News Journal/Bob Herbert .

1/13/09-Dover Del.-leg.start-Delaware Senators and representatives . The News Journal/Bob Herbert

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HB 50 was voted on by the Senate last night…. It passed 20 – 7 which is a 2/3 rd majority…. Not as lopsided as in the House which was 36-3….

So the point of the title and this post… is why would anyone vote against the will of over 90% of Delawareans who feel that the Smarter Balanced Assessment should be done away and replaced with something far better?

And the only reason to do so, was pointed out to us by Greg Lavelle who voted against the Smarter Balanced last year, then was bribed with a spot on now -defunct Chuck Todd’s Politico broadcast, so he switched his vote….. and got himself on national TV, (though no one in Delaware (to my knowledge) saw it)


Therefore, the only reason these people would vote against the will of the people of Delaware…. is because they are bought…..

Well, who bought them?   Let’s look….

Here are the seven….



Henry (an original sponsor listed on the bill) WTF

The Infamous Greg Lavelle






All know that Sokola is trying to get a +$200,000 non-profit leadership-role after this Senate stint is up… hopefully (for him) funded by a high rolling corporate patron,  so his pandering is expected.

Bushweller, Marshall, McDowell, and Henry, all have to worry about the black vote.  Which now explains the bizarre erroneous story put out that blacks and civil rights groups were behind the Smarter Balanced Assessment (they aren’t) but though much was done on the intellectual front to discount this as bunk, trash, and false, nothing was done where it really matters, among those senators’ voters… so they do have to represent their districts….  And if the line in your district was that you needed the Smarter Balanced to fight against second-hand education, then not towing that line would be at the minimum, uncomfortable…..

With hindsight, a better job should have been done among those constituents… to point out that the Smarter Balanced Assessment is just Whitey’s new way of putting them back in the hole from which they can never again escape… It is a shame that no one told the black community that this test is the most dangerous thing happening to minorities since the Jim Crow laws…. (Well we did say it, but from our pulpits in our churches where none of them came..)…

And Greg Lavelle…. as Judus a second time…. his 40 pieces of silver will be exposed shortly…….. What the thin majority of fools in the Senate Sixth ever saw in him is;…. well they are all shaking their heads now… Can’t wait to see him roast when the scores hit in August… Lol.

And Simpson?  In Milford, Ellendale, Greenwood of all places?  Supporting the Federal Communist Party indoctrinating our kids?  Not allowing parents to opt out?  What the hell was he thinking? Words simply cannot express.