As I survey the political landscape across this nation, it occurs to me that this administration’s fight against HB 50 was to create a diversion… one certainly worth fighting against but symbolic if anything. Parents can simply pull their child out, law or no law, and the pitched battle being waged by the administration against HB 50 is because they know it ties parents up until the legislature is over, sparing them losing the Smarter Balance Assessment entirely. Whereas they may have given away one tiny parcel of land, the Smarter Balanced test stays in place.

The Smarter Balance is the abomination.

As other states vote successfully to get rid of the Smarter Balanced and its sister, the PARCC, and get those bills quickly signed by their governors, we realize we probably won’t get an opportunity to even override our governors veto of, at most a symbolic piece of legislation… (We have the votes; just won’t get the opportunity to exercise them)… The wisdom of tying us down with this petty fight is apparent….

They still get to keep the Smarter Balanced Assessment…..

Which is why, we need someone to put up an anti-Smarter Balanced Bill simply as a shot across the bow, right now… this session… and make the attempt with a voice vote, to override the standard procedure of committees…..

Whereas other states have passed the full law banning the test…. We have just come close to granting ourselves official approval to do what we could have done unofficially if we chose: opting out… yet we still have the horrid test that many other states wisely got rid of…. because IT IS SO BAD.

So… Now that this is apparent…. where are our representatives and senators who support We, the Parents?

HB 50 would have been a perfect amendment to HB334 which passed last year… It is essentially one year late. Next year, we will again be debating the complete removal of the Smarter Balanced after it has harmed another set of students… Can we not get something up on the desk now?