Whereas the Smarter Balanced Assessment has not been proven to be a reliable form of assessment, and

Whereas the Federal mandated requires that only reliable assessments be used,

Be It Hereby Resolved: 

That Delaware will no longer use the Smarter Balanced Assessment to enforce accountability across its school systems.

Repeal Subchapter III in Chapter 1; Title 14….  this bill removes the entire sub-chapter regarding the state public assessment system, including the elimination of subsections 151 thru 159.

Replace and Rename sub-chapter III in Chapter 1; Title 14 to: Task Force to Develop State Standards and State Test.

This bill authorizes the legislature to create a task force assembled solely of Delaware teachers to immediately begin the creation of a new Delaware test and standards after July 1st, 2015. There shall be 19 participants chosen, compiled from state teachers in order to develop new state standards for math; there shall be 19 compiled from state teachers for developing new state standards for ELA.  These two task forces will be held accountable by an overseeing board consisting of  5 college educational professors; 1 business leader; two representatives from the House including one of each party; and two senators from the Senate including one of each party; one Representative of the DSEA; 5 parents of school aged children, and one advisor from the Department of Education, and one from the Governor’s office  This task force is charged with overseeing the standards being complied solely by the teachers and having a new test approved by the State Board of Education by 2/28/2015 deadline;  allowing for it to then be used as next year’s assessment by the end of next school year ending in June, 2016.

Synopsis:  This bill removes the Smarter Balanced Assessment and sets up a task force to have a new assessment created in Delaware in place and used by the end of the 2015-2016 school year.