The House voted 36-3 for HB 50

The Senate Education committee voted 8-0 to ok it for legislation.

If it does not pass the Senate, it is because of some really bad hanky panky… The culprits will be Sokola; Markell. Everyone wants this bill to pass… To vote against this bill, is signing one’s own death warrant…

Parents simply need the ability to opt their child out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment… Delaware should have been the first state to do so. We are, after all, “the first state”… But since we are also the “corporate state” as well, our Triple Crown win went to someone else….

But this is a no-brainer and no shenanigans that derail this bill speak well for whomever causes its failure… Just look at how bashed Greg Lavelle was, (he may lose his seat) over being the one bought vote putting the Smarter Balanced as our cross to bear…. Everyone HATES this test… Woe be to whoever steps up to defend it…..

As I said, it is a no-brainer… The vote should be unanimous