As the clock approached midnight, the last of well wishers who’d slipped in just before the gates closed around 830 pm gave their condolences to the Biden family….

The posted schedule said Friday’s viewing would be between 12-4 and 6-9 pm…

So many people showed up that the family stood non-stop from 12 noon to a little after 11pm greeting everyone of the overwhelming number who showed. Many of which had the long trip down south to our Southern portion when they were done…..

And that is rather amazing.

One person, obviously nervous, was overheard to have said “thank you for all you do”  when meeting Joe… Oddly that encompasses how lucky Delaware is to have it’s Bidens….
One has every right to be selfish when losing one’s son.  I cannot imagine…. Friends who’ve lost theirs, describe the dark hole that swallows you up and takes years to accept… Years.

But many of us have to grieve as well.  And recognizing that fact, and allowing the public to share their grief, shows something we rarely see in today’s political spectrum…. an understanding of people…. And that is what makes the Biden’s special, up and down this state, whether rich or poor, whether liberal or conservative, whether white or brown. Around Joe Biden, none of that matters.   We are all people, just like him…..

That makes Delaware  very lucky……

As one surveyed the entire spectrum of humanity, lined up for hours to spend seconds at the casket and offer condolences, one saw not differences, but similarities… We are 99% all the same… We have dreams that need fulfilled. We have pains that need soothed. We have love that needs to be expressed…. and we have tears.

One cannot see Mitch McConnell opening his doors to his constituents.  Nor can one see tens of thousands whose inner beings told them to go, lining up to offer condolences…  Nor for John Boehner… Ted Cruz….  Scott Walker…..

But for the Bidens to do so seems absolutely natural…. Because of who they are….

So, to join that one stuttering person strung out from hours of waiting…. “Joe, Thank you for all you do…..”