Smarter Balanced Assessments

If you had antifreeze poured into 7 ounce cups and placed each on the table to the top right of plates filled with cookies, cups and candy,  and upon a complaint, …. said we will do a study of all drinks being given to kids……. you will get the idea of what SJR 2 really is……

It does nothing for those kids who drink the antifreeze, fall to the floor screaming and writhing, holding their stomachs as the intense wretchings begin,. tears and looks of horror on their faces, as the bowels go haywire trying to rid the body of its poison….. Meanwhile Earl Jacques and Dave Sokola are gathering groups of people to take inventory of all drinks available to children in every district, and tabulate all the pros and cons of each form of liquid…..

Meanwhile we have Jonestown in all our school cafeterias…. and yes, most of them are black, minorities, and poor.

This bill is criminal. This bill will hurt children, ANYONE in support of this bill… ANYONE  is for the death of these children….

You are giving antifreeze to little children,…. and doing everything to delay anyone from stepping up and saying…. STOP! NOW! DON’T DRINK THAT JUICE………… is aiding and abetting the crime….

There is nothing in SJR 2 that we don’t have already…. We don’t need it… WE have this……. We KNOW what our inventory is:

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