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Last year, South Carolina voted to leave the consortium and drop Common Core.  It set itself a tight schedule to have the new implementations done by 2015-2016….   Indiana went with this year; 2014-2015; and Oklahoma is going with the following year 2016-2017…..

How they handled it is a model for all other states to follow.  Including Delaware….  IT is what we should have done instead of soldering ourselves to the harness of the horses hell-bent on going over the cliff….

This is how Delaware should go, if it truly wants to develop a better educational system than the train-wreak of the Coleman Express….

A. Extend invitations to the teaching community to help write standards.

365 or about ten times the usual number responded. From that pool, 19 were pulled each for math and ELA.

B. Create an Education Oversight Committee to oversee the standards writing teams. Include college educators, members of the business community, elected officials picked by the legislature, and the governor. Nikki Haley (R).
This committee signs off on the test before passing it up to the State Board for a final vote.

C.  “Their” state education department tried to cast a wider net than past years to seek out public opinion and got 18,000 comments about the draft version of the standards.

“There was a very intense effort to include more people from higher ed., from business, from parents, and input from teachers with multiple surveys,” said Sandy Avinger, a math and digital-resource coach in Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5 who helped oversee the math-standards writing team.

Here is what they got…..

“For the English/language arts standards, there was 89 percent alignment, according to the committee’s analysis, while 100 percent of the new South Carolina standards meet or exceed what the common core asks for, and 18 percent of the state’s new standards exceed common core’s demands.  For math, the numbers were very similar—there was 92 percent alignment, 100 percent of the new standards meeting or exceeding the common core, and 15 percent of the new standards exceeding the demands of the common core.

The result is “better” than Common Core…  It is Common Core de-Colemanized….. It is the same standards of Common Core, restructured though the eyes of teachers, parents, and real people, instead of corporate flunkies on a surreptitious agenda.

Two of the “innovative” changes on the math side…. WERE THE REINCLUSION OF MULTIPLICATION TABLES  (amen) and addition of pre-calculus in the upper reaches of high school.

On the ELA side, cursive writing has been re-introduced in 2nd and 3rd grades.

The state will be conducting a survey at the end of the school year primarily to gauge teachers’ perceptions of whether the standards were age appropriate.

“The way to handle standards is to keep revising them; standards should never become static…….”




It is very plain to see that Delaware needs to do exactly the same as did South Carolina.

  • Vote to ditch Common Core.
  • Have only teachers write the new standards.
  • Have balanced overseeing committees offer feedback and vote approval
  • Put standards up for public comment before finalization.
  • Add and detract what was necessary after the comment window has closed.
  • Have the State Board vote its final approval
  • Implement.

That is how things should be handled in democracies… What we got was Communist East Germany…..  We were “Funky Coleman’dena’d….. “