If anyone looked for their mail on Memorial Day, they may have found an illegal flier…… (no one is allowed to put anything in ones mailbox other then the US Postal Service….)  urging all to vote “no” in the referendum….

It sounded scary… “If you vote for this referendum your taxes will go up $60,000 a year and your water will be shut off. Electricity will be stopped until you pay the back taxes.  This is a very bad tax bill and it must be voted down…”

Scrawled in ink (not typed) was the admonition that renters in the future will be paying $15,000 more per year if this referendum passes….


We sent out a posse and quickly discovered the culprits, and then secretly watched to see to whom they returned to…

Our guess was correct… The slum lord who owns at least 20 properties in almost every neighborhood, was in his black-tint windowed Mercedes, paying out $100 bills to those returning with few or no unused flyers….

And I thought… so that is who is always behind voting down referendums…. it makes sense now…

To be honest I had always blamed seniors and those on fixed income who rightfully might have reason to vote down something that would increase their property value by at least $30,000.  Because it would cost them and they wouldn’t live to see a benefit; though their heirs would.. But it really didn’t make sense for seniors with families to leave a devalued investment for their children, if their was any way possible to pay those few pennies the assessment would levy…. They would be paying pennies, and getting hundred dollar bills in return……..

But slum lords…. they have a real case….  they buy property as cheap as they can, and raise the rent as high as they can, and try to increase the gap between the two to as high as is possible….  This referendum does cost them money…..

Let us say you are a senior….. Your assessment is probably $45,000 based on the last time anyone cared to look….   For $45,000 each year you would be assessed an additional 37 cents… on every $100 dollars of value…  That is like buying a lawn mower on sale at Lowes and choosing between two models, one on sale at $99.99 and the other at $99.62….. Gee ….. which one will you get?  The gas efficient power one that keeps your lawn looking nice but at the higher price?  Or that push mower you will have to burn calories to get it to do anything… .  (Heaven help you if you miss a week).

On $45,000 that is (45 X 10 X 0.37) $166. 00…..  Although that sounds like a lot, it is spread out over a year and is included in your bank payment which will jump $13 dollars a month… which if budgeted correctly as most senior do, rounds down to $3 dollars a week….

To save $3 dollars a week, Seniors are willing to lose $30,000 of value on their home, when their neighborhood becomes too difficult to resell houses because the schools have become like Philadelphia’s…   But for that $3 assessed and paid, one gets to continue living in one of the best districts in the country…

BUT IF YOU ARE A SLUM LORD ON THE OTHER HAND…………………………………………………………..

and at a minimum, you own 1000 properties scattered across the Christina district…. and you don’t care one iota about kids, schools, education, jobs, tests, …. then this referendum has the potential to hit you each month, with an additional cost of  $130,000……  WHOA…. The slum lord is going to lose $130,000 a month………. on a thousand houses…  shock of all shocks…  that is $1.5 million a year!!!

No wonder they are handing out $100 dollar bills to try to overturn the forces of good and kill this levy…..

Which brings us to pig-face Vince D’Anna.  (Nancy has pictures, go see for yourself…)  This was the same prostitute who hired himself out to the TDC to whip up public opinion to allow it to sprinkle carcinogens and toxic particles on top of Main Street, completely covering the University of Delaware, and even dumping waste on top of Christianstead, home of mayor Polly Sierer.  And now again we see, he has hired himself out to slum lords to do exactly the same thing… Whip up hysteria, (as prostitutes-for-hire are well known to do),  to allow big money to keep more of what it should have given up long ago……

Now before you feel too much empathy for those slumlords….  let us see how much they do make each month, and then see what percentage this will cost them?   At 1000 properties each renting close to $1500 a month….. the monthly accumulation of pure profit, is….. $1,500,000…….  Per year, it totals  $18 million……..

Instead of earning $1.5 million each month…. they will earn $1.37 million each month with the difference going to schools…..   Is there anyone out there who thinks earning $1.37 million each month is too little money?  (this is all profit, mind you.)….

So the battle is such that in order to protect the wealth of this 1,000 homed slum lord…. Vince D’Anna is hired to try and scuttle the referendum by writing emotional op-ed pieces based on fabrications.  And to be completely honest, if that were me with 1000 houses, I would probably do the same thing, thinking about myself as selfishly as possible…. So we can’t blame that guy for trying…..

But the rest of us have to face the facts, and we have to do our part and make sure OUR best interests take precedent over the interests of slum-lords both for our children and for our homes’ resale value….  If you live in the Christina School district and are not a slum lord,……. there is only one way to vote to better your community…..

And that is to vote yes to increase your taxes by $3 dollars a week… That is a medium bag of Skittles……. which you really don’t need and which are not very good for you, (though it is hard to pass up when they have tropical flavors though……….)

Now if you are completely neutral, and you really don’t care one way or the other about $3 ….. then help a sister out, and vote yes just to stick Vince D’Anna in the eye with a pointed stick…. So that loser gets two losses on his belt for selling-out Newarks’ finest, …. good and beneficial citizens to the highest bidder for a price…